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Culture-driven, result-obsessed, & creativity-oriented team of innovators focused on growing DTC brands, together.

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We're focused on helping brands grow and delivering value.

Avex is a team of specialists in eCommerce, design, customer experience, web development and growth optimization. We live at the intersection of technology, creative and commerce. We’re your partner and we align with your business goals to provide real, measurable results by building, deploying and optimizing eCommerce experiences.

  • 35+

    Each member of our team brings extensive knowledge and unique experiences to the table, allowing us to deliver comprehensive and exceptional solutions for our clients.

  • 70%

    We derive our strength from diversity and enrich our workplace through inclusion. We are proud to have created an environment where talented women excel and thrive in their respective roles - strengthening our Agency's DNA.

  • 1%

    In our heartfelt gratitude to the community that has supported us, we are committed to making a meaningful difference. As part of our giving back initiative, we proudly donate 1% of our proceeds to the No Kid Hungry campaign.


Located in NYC, our team is extremely passionate about e-commerce, technology, and design, but we’re so much more than that.

We are a culturally-diverse group of musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and creators. We’re clean-cut and tattooed. We are Netflix binge-watchers and deep thinkers. We're an eclectic group of people that love working and winning together.

We’re also very much like you and your customers. We’re people.

Out of our core realization that people are more than just profiles and data; we are a consolidation of experiences that shape us and are all driven by our desire to be connected. From our initial conversations to our post-launch support, you’ll always be dealing with people who care about you and your brand.

Our clients view us rock-like partner that listens carefully, aligns perfectly, and communicates effectively. We don't sell hours. We sell value. We don’t just design and code. We plan, strategize, and consult on the best possible solutions to optimize your customers' experiences and foster your brand’s growth by making your mission our mission and using our expertise to meet and exceed your goals.

Our Team

john surdakowski
alien icon

To this day, I am deathly scared of E.T. For some people, he is a cute alien from a movie. To me, he will always haunt my nightmares.

John Surdakowski

Founder, CEO
morgan curschman
movie clapper icon

When I was 13, I played the love of young Jimmy Fallon’s life in a movie. Rumor has it - he’s still not over me.

Morgan Curschman

Director of Operations

I’m bilingual and can speak Russian fluently!

Veronica Gelman

Director of Client Services

When my family gets together for Thanksgiving it's over 70 people... I'm not kidding.

Morgan Mulloy

Associate Director of Retention Marketing

Maya Page

Design Director
Sheila Cheng
iphone with ramen noodle picture icon

My camera eats first.

Sheila Cheng

Art Director

Our Core Values

We ensure that our team members and partners posses these traits. We feel that it is important to prioritize these core values over everything else. This allows us to deliver resulkts for our clients, as well as a safe and fun work enviorment.

Teamwork | Passion | Respect | Talent | Accountability | Resourcefulness | Radical Transparency | Visionary.

avex team member doing strategic planning
members of avex team reviewing web development updates

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Avex is always looking for top talent to join our team. If you're interested in taking on challenging projects, working remotley, flexible hours and collaborating with global brands, reach out to us.

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