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The B2B eCommerce agency that helps your organization streamline operations, maximize profits and unlock new revenue streams without sacrificing functionality or efficiency.

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Why B2B eCommerce?

Numbers speak opportunity. Avex, a B2B eCommerce agency, harnesses the power of Shopify Plus and leverages its wholesale and eCommerce operations features to offer high-growth brands with scalable B2B solutions that will help them reach new growth milestones.

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of B2B sales are eCommerce.


Increase in B2B sales


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Shopify Plus B2B Features


Sell B2B and DTC, all from one store.

Merchants can now run both direct-to-consumer and wholesale sides of the business from one single online store or choose to have a dedicated B2B eCommerce website. Avex helps merchants stand up and optimize their B2B eCommerce experience.


Customized B2B Shopping Experience

You're not selling to companies, you're selling to people. And they expect a great customer & brand experience. With B2B on Shopify Plus merchants can customize store themes to represent their brand identity, net payment terms, discounts, and a streamlined checkout experience.


An all-in-one B2B Commerce Platform

Merchant's wholesale feature includes company profile, price lists, net payment terms, custom store theme, customer accounts, and self-serve portal all in one single platform. Automatically assign payment terms, set buyer-specific prices, and create unique payment terms and user permissions.


Seamlessly Integrate your ERP

B2B merchants can now integrate their ERPs through advanced APIs and partner integrations so that all their business data flows easily to the admin. You can manage your entire eCommerce operation from a single platform, with efficiency.


B2B Commerce Discovery

eCommerce has become a vital catalyst for B2B revenue growth. Our team of strategists will discuss your expansion goals, define KPIs, and advise on the best B2B eCommerce solution to optimize your commerce experience and help you unlock new revenue streams.


Leverage a single platform for multiple business models

Powered by Shopify Plus, Avex builds B2B eCommerce stores that navigate B2B complexities without the need for costly third-party apps. Whether you decided to build a dedicated B2B expansion store or blend it into your existing DTC channel, our team of engineers, UX specialists, and strategists is committed to delivering a seamless, frictionless experience that is highly customized to meet your business goals.


Support the conversion of big and small ticket sales

A B2B eCommerce store that is up and running is just the very first step towards establishing an expanded online presence. At Avex, we are constantly after business results; we believe in an ongoing process of optimization. By running regular test orders, A/B testing, analyzing metrics, and studying customer behavior, we commit to boosting conversion rates and average order values on your site.


Build an eCommerce experience with million-dollar transactions in mind

As a B2B eCommerce agency, we hold B2B eCommerce customer journeys at the same level of standards as that of DTC. Just like customers, decision makers expect high-performing, frictionless, well-designed, highly-supported, and personalized experiences. We, therefore, unlock the full power of Shopify’s customized experience and extend nothing but excellence when it comes to customer-specific price lists, store themes, company-specific payment terms, and a streamlined B2B checkout that reflects B2B discounts and prices.

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The real opportunity is combining Shopify’s existing power as an intuitive ecomm solution with the added functionality needed to serve B2B, all in one streamlined solution.
Andy Knox - General Manager, Van Compass

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