Mind Over Metrics

Mind Over Metrics is a community initiative led by Avex to rewrite the narrative around BFCM and help merchants conquer the sales season with resilience, determination, and a focused mindset.


Palettes of Possibilities

This BFCM season, Avex has diligently navigated the inspiration terrain, saving you the expedition. Introducing the Palettes of Possibilities Visual Guide — an open invitation to merchants seeking to liberate their creativity from the bounds of convention.

Prepare for a transformation — where the script is rewritten and the stage is set for a symphony of colors, designs, and concepts that will redefine the way you approach this shopping season. Bid farewell to monochromatic norms and embrace a palette that narrates a tale of vibrancy and boundless imagination.

Get Inspired

The Serene Seller Checklist

Recognizing the far-reaching impact of mental well-being on the success and fulfillment of merchants during this busy season, The Serence Seller Checklist aims to empower merchants with resilience, a can-do attitude, and an uncompromised focus on self-care.

At the end of the day, success should not come at the expense of one’s mental equilibrium. By finding that sweet spot between business drive and personal well-being, we can transform the BFCM narrative into one that underscores holistic success and overall well-being.

Sharpen Your BFCM Vision

Beat The Blues Playlists

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