10 Best Shopify Apps for Your E-commerce Store

10 Best Shopify Apps for Your E-commerce Store
by: avex10/13/2017

Quick Summary Using Shopify apps is one of the best moves you can make for your e-commerce store. Shopify is easy to use and has many customizable features.

Using Shopify apps is one of the best moves you can make for your e-commerce store. Shopify is easy to use and has many customizable features.

Shopify apps include a variety of add ons, plugins, and features that will make your e-commerce store thrive.

Here are the 10 Best Shopify Apps you should know.

1. Privy

Privy is a popup tool that creates high converting email popups, campaign popups, and coupon popups. It easily integrates with Mailchimp, Bronto, Klaviyo, Soundest, Constant Contact, SendGrid, Adroll, Zapier and more. You can even customize all of your popups to launch your store’s branding. With Privy, there’s no doubt that your sales will increase.

2. OrderlyEmails

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Speaking of emails, if you need to customize them, OrderlyEmails is for you. With just a one time purchase you can easily customize your emails through Shopify, such as your newsletter, or your order receipt. You can also track how well your emails are doing by looking at the conversion, clicks, and opens.

3. OrderlyPrint

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The sibling of OrderlyEmails is just as powerful for your e-commerce store. OrderlyPrint allows you to process and customize your orders fast. With multiple pre-made designs for invoices, receipts, packing slips, and more, it’s perfect for e-commerce stores of all sizes. For just $19 a month, you can use OrderlyPrint for an unlimited amount of orders.

4. Mailchimp for Shopify

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email platforms, and one of the most popular Shopify apps. This app easily connects your account to your Shopify store. The app will relay your e-commerce data to your Mailchimp account which allows you to target email campaigns based on your customers patterns. Mailchimp for Shopify is an essential for building your email list.

5. Metafields Manager

Most of the time you’re going to need more than just a title and description, and that’s where Metafield Manager comes in. With this Shopify app, You can add metafields to products, articles, collections, pages, and more. Some examples of what you can add are videos, related products, extra images, you name it.

6. Countdown Timer

Have you ever put something in your cart and forgotten about it? This won’t happen again with Countdown Timer. This Shopify app adds a countdown timer to user’s carts to create urgency and encourage them to purchase before time runs out. If you really want to encourage your customer, you can also add on a stock countdown and show how many people are viewing the product.

7. Socialphotos

Sure, you can put your Instagram feed on your Shopify site, but engaging with customers always brings in more sales. Socialphotos pulls from specific hashtags so you can see how your customer uses your product. You can even turn every photo shoppable and link it directly to the product page. Socialphotos has three paid plans to fit your e-commerce store’s needs.

8. Touchcard

Of course, email marketing is very important. But, it doesn’t hurt to get a personalized letter in the mail from time to time. With Touchcard, postcards are automatically sent to customers with generated unique coupon codes. This stands out from your an email follow up that might end up in the junk folder, and the personalized coupon will no doubt be an incentive for them to shop at your store again.

9. Compass

One of the most popular Shopify apps is Compass, which tracks all of your e-commerce data and combines it all into one dashboard. It offers tailored recommendations to help your store grow, and is especially great for small and medium sized companies. You can even connect other sources to be tracked, such as your Google Analytics or Amazon account.

10. Lucky Orange

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For when you want a more behind the scene look at your customers habits, Lucky Orange is the perfect choice. This Shopify app lets you watch live recordings from anonymous customers to see how they navigate your site. You can also gain insight to other factors of your sites usability through sales chat, recordings, form analytics, heatmaps, polls, and more.

What’s your favorite Shopify app? Let us know if you tried any of these and how they worked for you!

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