10 High-Growth Brands on Shopify Plus

10 High-Growth Brands on Shopify Plus
by: John Surdakowski01/30/2020

Quick Summary Shopify Plus supports some of the highest growing brands in the world. From luxury brands to best meal plans, here are some of our distinctive high growth brand Shopify Plus that deserves recognition.    1.Kith We cannot discuss high-growth brands on Shopify Plus without mentioning Kith. Kith is a powerhouse name on Shopify. Collaborating with […]

Shopify Plus supports some of the highest growing brands in the world. From luxury brands to best meal plans, here are some of our distinctive high growth brand Shopify Plus that deserves recognition. 


We cannot discuss high-growth brands on Shopify Plus without mentioning Kith. Kith is a powerhouse name on Shopify. Collaborating with notorious brands such as Adidas and Yeezy. 

When first landing on their homepage the vibrant visual imagery is distinguishable for the Kith brand. Kith currently has over 1.17million  website traffic on average monthly. With limited efforts towards paid advertisements, Kith continues to drive 99% of website traffic organically. 

Bonus, they sell treats! Who doesn’t need a cereal infused ice cream sandwich? KITH has physical locations where they sell treats, from ice cream to milkshakes. This adds little value to their eCommerce site but increases to their perceived brand value. KITH also created a brand extension of apparel to complement their special offering, setting them apart from their competitors. 


Thirdlove is a digitally native brand that leveraged on the concept of diversity and inclusion. Following a consumer-focused construct, being the first lingerie brand to offer ½ bra sizes. Since the launch in 2014, Thirdlove has fitted over 14 million women through their online fit-finder technology. 

Unlike their competitors, Thirdlove offers an in-depth description of each product allowing consumers to make the decision for themselves. Thirdlove also displays a diverse set of women in each product rather than one model.  

Thirdlove migrated their services to Shopify plus in 2015, seeing a 3x higher conversion rate since. Maintaining approximately 70% retention rate of their consumers after their first purchase. 


“We founded LOLA  with a simple and seemingly obvious idea – as women, we shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to our reproductive health,” explains Kier the CEO of LOLA.  

A brand made for women by women, Co-Founders Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier launched LOLA in 2015. These women have mastered the art of subscriptions, after raising over $25 million in subscriptions in 3 years of operation alone. 

But what makes LOLA most valuable is their clear branding and high-quality products. LOLA owns the conversation, crafting their marketing towards educated and empowering women.  Targeting specifically for young-millennial crowd but appealing to users of all ages through their simplistic neutral packaging and relatable content. 

4.[Kylie Cosmetics](http://www.kyliecosmetics.com/ ‎)

Kylie truly defined the power of influencer marketing, by being her own influencer to promote her brand. Leveraging on her fan base, Kylie fined tuned her target market and carved her own niche apart from her sisters and the Kardashian-Jenner empire. Kylie Cosmetics sold out their first product line within minutes of launch. 

Kylie Cosmetics has generated over $630 million in revenue in 3 years with no paid advertisements. 


Created during the meal delivery kits movement, Veestro had some competition. Veestro stood out from the crowd by creating a meal plan that strictly features plant-based meals. Started in 2013, Veestro was able to raise over $1.3 million in fundraising to put directly into the growth of the business.

Gaining vast popularity in part with the macro-trend of all organic vegan food, Veestro was able to increase sales 300% since it’s opening. 


BeardBrand has a vision to change the way people view beardsmen. What started as a brand to unit urban beardsman, turned into a household name. Driving over 60k in sales to their Shopify site monthly. 

BeardBrand has become a staple for male grooming products. Successfully ranking #2 on google, appearing keyword searches such as “ how to grow a beard” and “beard oil”.

When it comes to social media unlike many startup brands today focusing on Instagram, Beardbrand has gained over 1.45 million followers on youtube. Actively posting regularly, displaying the products, how-to’s, and inspirational content. Due to their marketing efforts and distinct branding BeardBrand has quickly grown into a $500 million dollar business. 

7.Fashion Nova

Richard Saghian, founder of Fashion Nova sought out to stand out, molding an affordable fashion line that was made for all women. Fashion Nova’s apparel initially described as “ club-clothes”, now considered a go-to trendy brand and one of the fastest growing online stores in 2020. 

Fashion Nova was the most searched fashion brand in 2019 outranking luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Originally Fashion Nova launched as a storefront brand in 2009 and did not have a website until 2013.

Gaining incredible success by the utilization of influential celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and spokeswoman Cardi B, Fashion Nova drives over a million site visits daily. Fashion Nova’s bread and butter is Instagram, currently maintaining 17 million followers. 


Labeled as the fastest-growing shoe company in the world, Allbirds focuses not only on comfort but sustainability. Using only natural products when creating their shoes down to the shoelaces. Making Allbirds a force of good. Founders Jim Brown and Joey Zwillinger set out to make the world’s most comfortable shoe. 

 According to SimilarWeb, Allbirds receives approximately 1.7 million in site visits monthly. Allbirds rely on social media to drive sales and understand their consumers. Using Instagram’s in-app shopping feature as an alternative for their customers,  also creating content that generates comments for feedback. 


ColourPop entered the cosmetic scene with low prices, locally sourced products, and no animal cruelty. ColourPop has managed to stay relevant by keeping up with top social media trends. This was done through utilizing rising Youtube influencers in the cosmetic space, vibrant visuals on their Instagram, and quickly gaining a fan base on Tik-Tok, unlike their competitors. 

Colourpop continues to launch note-worthy color variations, constantly adding new products and collaborating with the latest make-up guru. ColourPop’s website drives approximately 8 million in site visits monthly. 


A UK native brand, that entered the fitness apparel and quickly grew an empire. Gymshark leverages creative and innovative content to boost sales. Gymshark peaked in 2018 after their black Friday “Blackout” campaign. Today Gymshark has over 4 million visitors monthly. 

Gymshark cult-like following has built success by word-of-mouth and life long fans.

Take Away

The Shopify Plus brands listed have all successfully identified a need in the market and created their niche. All utilizing different and creative marketing initiatives to drive sales, and the data proves it. 


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