The 20 Best Shopify Apps of 2019

The 20 Best Shopify Apps of 2019
by: Morgan C01/18/2019

Quick Summary Considering email marketing for fashion brands is just as important as your maintaining merchandise and running your store. You have to connect with your customers in ways that encourage them to buy. But, what are the best ways to do this that will guarantee results?

The power of Shopify lies in its versatility. Successful store owners understand that Shopify apps add functionality that increases sales. With so many apps available, which should you add to your store? There are thousands of choices, so it is important to utilize the right ones. That’s why we’ve created this guide.

Learn how to leverage these add-ons to your advantage. To make it easy to find what you’re looking for, we’ve broken them down into five categories:
  • Order Management and Fulfillment
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Social Selling
  • Site Optimization 

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

Shopify Order Management and Fulfillment

1. Oberlo

Some people start their stores with a product, while others start with no idea what to sell. If you’re in the second category, Oberlo may be exactly what you’re looking for. This dropshipping app lets you find products to sell and gets them directly to your customers.

  • Other features include:
  • Inventory management
  • Multiple user support
  • Complete customization

Cost: Free for up to 50 orders a month, $79.90 per month for 51+ orders.

2. Printful

Have a design that needs to be printed or embroidered? Printful brings your designs to life and ships them directly to your customers.

After installing the app, upload your designs to Printful, and every order goes directly to them. They include product mockups for your image gallery, and your customers can create personalized orders.

Cost: Varies depending on product.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

3. Subscriptions by ReCharge

ReCharge works with thousands of big names in subscription services, including Hubble Contacts and Death Wish Coffee. ReCharge is the only Shopify Plus approved subscription payment provider. Their enterprise-level features allow larger brands to make advanced modifications.

In addition to selling subscription boxes, you can turn any product into a regular delivery with the Subscribe & Save option.

ReCharge includes:

  • Order management
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Customizable delivery and cut-off dates

Cost: $39.99 per month + 1% for up to $100,000 in monthly revenue.

4. Pre-Order Manager

If you’re testing the waters for a new product or replenishing inventory, Pre-Order Manager lets customers buy your product even when it’s out of stock.
The app changes the Add to Cart button on your product page to a Pre-Order button. On the back end, you can customize the number of pre-orders available for a product, create a pre-order sale date range, and limit pre-orders to specific countries.

Cost: $24.95 per month.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019


5. Bizzy Social Proof

Online shopping is a lonely endeavor. It’s not the same as brick-and-mortar stores, where long lines can attract customers to see what the buzz is about.
Bizzy is an app that duplicates this experience by including a pop-up on your site that appears with details of recent sales as customers shop.
To win back potential customers who didn’t purchase a product after viewing it, you can show recent sales of the same product.

Cost: $6.95 per month.

Pro Tip: When you show that people are enjoying a certain product on your site, other consumers are more likely to trust you.

6. Kit

Good help is hard to find. With Kit, marketing help is easy to find and free.
Kit is an AI-driven digital assistant that uses your data to make suggestions about your Facebook and Instagram marketing, social posts, and email.
Unlike other apps that require you to be at your computer, you can interact with Kit through Messenger or SMS. Kit gives suggestions on how much to spend and even creates an ad preview.

Cost: Free (not including advertising budget).

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

7. OptinMonster

Did you know your email list is your ATM?
That’s right. Even though there’s always a bigger, sexier, shiny marketing thing on the horizon, email consistently outshines them all.
OptinMonster is a tried and true way to get email addresses from your visitors. Choose from pop-up boxes, welcome mats and more.

Cost: $9-$49 per month.

8. Recart Messenger Marketing

Social media marketing remains hot, but Messenger marketing has exploded. Some campaigns see open rates as high as 88% and 56% clicked through to a site.
Use Recart Messenger Marketing to create marketing campaigns that boast higher open and click-through rates than traditional email newsletters.
In addition to marketing, you can also provide customer service via the app as well.

Cost: $29 per month.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

9. Referral Candy

People trust the opinions of others more than they trust slick marketing campaigns. In fact, word of mouth influences 80% of buying decisions.
Referral Candy lets you create and track referral campaigns. Reward customers who participate with cash, discounts, or a free gift. Create custom landing pages, emails, and pop-ups for your referrals, or use a provided theme.

Cost: $49 per month.

10. Sumo

Sumo is a popular choice for Shopify store owners to decrease abandonment rates, grow an email list, and increase average order value.
When customers add items to their cart but don’t purchase, a pop-up prompts them to enter their email for a discount off their first order.
To increase average order value, a progress bar appears at the top of the page telling visitors how much more they need to spend to get a special deal like free shipping.
Opt-in forms collect email addresses to grow your list.

Cost: Free for up to 200 subscribers, $29-$79 per month for additional subscribers.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

Customer Service

11. Aftership

Instead of sending customers to a carrier page to track their package, create a beautiful shipping update page with Aftership.
You can send automated emails and/or text messages to keep your customers informed about where their package is. Most importantly, this app supports over 500 carriers worldwide to ensure complete coverage of any delivery service.

Cost: Up to $99 per month + $0.08 per shipment.

12. Answers

People want answers fast. Answers helps you manage customer support through Messenger. It also includes live chat, FAQs, and order status.
Save yourself the aggravation of constantly answering basic questions by customizing the FAQs. Customers can then get automated support without speaking to a live person.

Cost: Free for Live Chat only, $49 per month for additional features.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

13. Back in Stock

There’s no mystery here. Back in Stock is a Shopify app that notifies a customer when a product they’re interested in is available. Customers simply enter their email to find out when a particular size or color is available, and they’ll be notified right away.

Cost: $19-$79 per month.

Pro Tip: People normally forget about a product they liked on your site within minutes of walking away from their screen. If they are reminded about a product they left behind, they are more likely to re-visit your store.

14. Facebook Live Chat

Why install and configure another app on your Shopify store? Customers like the familiar, and nothing’s more familiar than Messenger.
With over a billion active users, Messenger is the easiest way to connect with your customers.

Cost: Free for 1,000 website visits, $9.99-$49.99 per month for additional visits.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

Social Selling

15. Facebook Channel

Millions of people throughout the world use Facebook on a daily basis, so if you’re not harnessing the power of this social media site, you’re missing out.
Sell your Shopify products directly on your Facebook page with their Facebook Channel app.

Cost: Free.

16. Socialphotos

Over 80% of millenials say user-generated content on a company website has a positive influence on their purchase.
The Socialphotos Shopify app allows you to collect and display user-generated content on your store. Make the photos shoppable and you have a powerful way to increase conversions.

Cost: $10-50 per month.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

17. Messenger Channel

Looking for an easy way to sell products directly through Messenger?
Not only can you provide customer support through Messenger via live chat, but you can sell your products there with the Shopify Messenger Channel app.

Cost: Free.

Site Optimization

18. Plug in SEO

Is your site optimized for search?
The Plug in SEO Shopify app analyzes your store for issues and provides detailed instructions for you to fix problems yourself.
Edit titles, descriptions, and structured data with this powerful app that fully integrates into Shopify’s built-in SEO features.

Cost: Free for basic plan, $20 per month for premium support and structured data.

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

20 best Shopify apps of 2019

19. SEO Image Optimizer

Experts estimate 19% of Google search results include images.
The SEO Image Optimizer app lets you take advantage of this by creating ALT tags and other data automatically for your Shopify store images. Install the app, upload the images, include some basic info, and the app does the rest.

Cost: This app is free.

20. Trust Hero

Security is a big issue for customers. About 23% of customers abandon carts because of security concerns.
By adding badges to your Shopify Store, Trust Hero shows customers you accept secure payment methods. The process is straightforward and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Simply install the app and choose the badges to add to your store.

Cost: Free.

Wrapping It Up

With so many Shopify apps available, there’s a solution to every dilemma. Take an app for a test drive, see how you can boost conversions, and increase user experience today.

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