6 Ways to Use Videos on your Ecommerce Website to Increase Conversions

incorporating videos on your eCommerce stores to boost conversion
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by: Zain Alami07/26/2022

Quick Summary Today, for brands to be profitable, they have to be human and quench customers’ thirst for personalization. Nothing does human better than videos.

The world is becoming increasingly automated, more digitally driven, and less based on human interaction. Today, since all brands use similar machine-based tools to “personalize” the connection they build with their customers, personalization is becoming impersonal. Unsurprisingly, this hinders customer engagement and eCommerce conversions in so many ways. 

Having that said, for brands to be profitable, they have to be human, take human needs into consideration, and quench customers’ thirst for personalization. Nothing does human better than videos.

Boost conversion on your Shopify store by incorporating videos and personalizing user experience.

The faces behind the brand, the music, the visuals, and the movement make it so that videos engage people on a deeper emotional level than that of stand-alone text and images. This explains the rise of video content across every channel you can possibly think of - and trust us - not just on social media.

We are talking Videos in eCommerce: 

1. Brand Storytelling

For quite some time, brand storytelling was a nice to have. Now, with almost all marketing strategies covering this bit, brand storytelling is a must-have; the question is no longer whether you want to tell your brand story or not .. it is how you want to tell it differently. 

By humanizing your vision, mission, and tone of voice you increase your chance of resonating with your audience. Weaving together your key selling points with the emotions that your brand evokes is a cohesive narrative that sets your brand up for success. And what is a better way to narrate that than through video? Lifestyle videos on the homepage, social channels, and even case studies are an opportunity for brands and merchants to stand out from their competition and increase conversions. 

2. Product Videos 

When customers can’t physically touch and feel the product, uncertainty about the product and its quality increases for sure. It is no surprise that visuals play an impartial role in the customer journey on your eCommerce site; they give a realistic view of the product and ultimately affect purchase decisions. 

Today, more merchants are bridging the gap between the offline and online shopping experiences beyond SEO-optimized product descriptions and captured images of “good angels and perfect lighting”; they are incorporating 360-degree videos of their products on the product listings in order for their customers to make a more informed decision and hit the “add-to-cart” button more confidently. 

3. Explainer Videos

According to Wzyowl's latest video marketing report, "94% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service." 

An explainer video, or what is sometimes referred to as a “How-to” video or a tutorial, is a more in-depth version of the product video. It displays the product in action by another person which in turn increases relatability to the shoppers’ lifestyle and gives them the “aha” moment for them to convert. 

4. Social Media Video Platforms

Social Media comes as a natural when talking about eCommerce. Merchants and brands have been relying heavily on social platforms when it comes to showcasing their products, interacting with their community, featuring user-generated content (UGC), and highlighting their commercial activity.

With the rise of TikTok, IG Reels, Youtube Shorts, and live streaming, it became evident that social media, video content, and eCommerce go hand in hand. But things are now being taken to the next level...

In its latest update, Shopify announced a partnership with Youtube that allows creators to tag and pin products at key points during their Livestream, display a curated list of products on a product shelf below on-demand videos, as well as have a store-specific tab in their channel. 

If this signifies anything .. it signifies the increasing need for merchants to focus their efforts on selling where traffic is rather than on directing traffic to where they want it to be. 

5. Shoppable videos on eCommerce Stores

Bringing life to your eCommerce store is now possible thanks to the all-in-one video shopping solutions which help brands scale their growth through the seamless integration of videos on their product listing and description pages. 

Let’s look at Videowise. A tool that is designed exclusively to drive eCommerce conversions and keep visitors engaged by easily embedding shoppable videos on Shopify stores. This can be in the form of the “How-to” videos mentioned earlier, or video user-generated content that acts as social proof; Videowise uses AI to find video UGCs that mention your brand and product offering. Those videos can then be embedded in your eCommerce store to increase credibility, trust, and hence, conversion. 

6. Social Proof Videos

Social proof and word of mouth have long been some of the most influential marketing tactics to date. Incorporating reviews and testimonials on your eCommerce site is a recipe for success as it gives customers an idea of the experience others had purchasing your offerings, and therefore, sends a subconscious message that they need to do the same. 

Testimonials can take different forms whether was it reshared content, written words, or videos. Targeting customers with different formats at different consumer touch points set your store up for success as you don’t want to miss out on the persuasiveness and emotional factors that videos could bless your eCommerce stores with.

Having said all the above, videos aren’t just great at striking the emotional chord and building brand credibility, they also pump up the organic traffic to your website which is bread and butter for any successful e-commerce store. Search engines love videos; chances are product description pages with video content are pushed higher up in the search results. Needless to say, video content reduces bounce rate and lengthens the time users spend on the site; which also plays a big factor in SEO ranking. 

If you are looking to increase conversion on your Shopify Store, Avex goes above and beyond to rapidly build, optimize and test high-converting, personalized digital experiences for your eCommerce brand. 

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