Agency X Podcast: All About Landing Pages

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by: John Surdakowski04/02/2021

Quick Summary In episode 23 of Agency X, David and John share their insights on the construction and maintenance of landing pages.

Below are excerpts from the podcast that highlight various themes having to do with landing pages created for paid ads. Listen to the full episode here!

Page Copy

John 3:47

For me, one of the number one things a great landing page is going to have is going to be a direct and well-written headline. Something that is really engaging. All the copywriting on the page needs to be good, but you need to hit them with a strong headline, something that explains what the product is, and has that "too good to be true" offer. So when they come to the site, they know exactly what they would be buying, and they know exactly what that offer is like, why am I buying this? Why am I on this page? So really good copywriting and a really great headline.

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The Basics of Selling Your Product

John 6:05

Something that a lot of people need to really focus on when they're selling a product or service is that your service or your product needs to take your customer either closer to pleasure or further from pain. So that product or service, let's just say it's a food product. It could be a dessert product that's going to take you closer to pleasure. So you want to show photos of people who are enjoying that product. If it's something that takes you further away from pain, it could even be a food product, it could be a diet product, it could be a product that's gonna help you lose weight or get control of your nutrition. Or if it's a service, it needs to solve a problem for you, aka, take you further away from pain, or it needs to fulfill some sort of need or some sort of want. And that's going to take you closer to pleasure. So I think social proof does just that. 

What Not To Do

David 12:07

People do popups because they work and I wouldn't consider it an underhanded practice. There's a big difference between misleading people on your page and saying oh, get this free thing. And I've seen this tactic done before for a couple of brands (I don't necessarily agree with it) they'll say, Hey, get this thing completely free. And of course, most people will know that there's the string attached to paying shipping and handling. But there are some cases where that's nowhere in the copy on the site. I won't call out any brands that have done this, though I have been a victim of that, though I did enjoy the product they end up getting and the shipping and handling weren't that much I just disliked the practice - they didn't even communicate it on the front end that I would have to pay shipping and handling. So I would say that's an example of a tactic that might work. But it's a little underhanded, but I don't see the other things being that way.

Sticky Elements

David 15:41

I love sticky call-to-action buttons, especially on landing pages, because mobile users are naturally going to be more inclined to scroll down the page to just learn about it because there's less screen space and the act of scrolling is of course much easier. I've seen a number of brands including dopey, which is edible cookie dough that I have never tried but according to Morgan it's very good, but on their call to actions for their landing pages, as you're scrolling down on mobile, the Add to Cart button, or buy now button is sticky at the bottom of the page, which I think is smart. Once the user is convinced that they're ready to purchase and convert, it allows them to do so at any point of that scrolling journey rather than forcing them to scroll back up and engage. I think that the call to action button should be the first and foremost thing you see. I don't believe that you should have to scroll to get that firsthand. But if the user does scroll, which they should be expected to, it's just a little quality of life improvement that I think can have a big impact and is actually proven in a lot of studies to increase sales overall versus when the button was static.

Analyzing Your Landing Page

David 22:52

The great thing about landing pages is that it controls for the most variables because when you have your homepage, you have traffic that's coming everywhere for a variety of things. And there are so many different factors that influence how much more traffic you get on that day, or why people are coming and missing the high traffic area overall. Landing pages are very specific, they're only for paid media and you really know where the sources of traffic are coming from and you can see the direct cause and effect. That's great from a conversion rate optimization standpoint because you can tweak the different elements of it and actually see it - moving elements up here, adding a section or moving a section, changing button colors, testing copy. You can make changes and you can have a little bit more confidence that the changes you're making are the elements that are making an impact versus doing it on the regular ecom page. And again, not to say you should not test that, it's just where testing is the most no-brainer. If you do have a custom landing page, there's literally no reason you shouldn't be testing it.

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