Agency X Podcast: How Personalization Improves Customer Experience with Albert Liu, Channel Director at Dynamic Yield

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by: Holly Kuldell01/27/2022

Quick Summary Here are the main points for our podcast episode with Albert Liu from Dynamic Yield.

About the Guest

Albert Liu is the Channel Director for Dynamic Yield, where he handles partnerships for North America. He’s a progressive-minded sales professional with a strong management background and has been in management positions varying from retail environments to the corporate level for over 15 years. Albert is also experienced in online marketing and product marketing, and helps to drive brand initiatives to move products.

About the Episode

In this episode, John and Albert focus their discussion on personalization and A/B testing, two of Dynamic Yield’s main tools within the software.

First off, they define what personalization means to different brands, and how it can be used at different points in a brand’s lifetime. Then, Albert explains where merchants could potentially see the most ROI when investing in personalization and A/B testing.

Albert gives examples of brands that have done a great job with customer retention, and John mentions how customer loyalty is evolving, especially in the lifestyle brand industry. 

To round out the episode, the two go back and forth about how to get the most out of Dynamic Yield and how fantastic our Director of Client Services, Veronica Gelman, has been for our CRO program.

Main Topics

  • Mastercard acquiring Dynamic Yield (2:00)

  • ROI for eCommerce personalization (7:45)

  • Increasing customer retention and loyalty (11:45)

  • Getting the most out of your tech stack (16:00)

  • When to shift to personalization over paid ads (38:00)


If your eCommerce brand is established enough and creates a high enough revenue, consider looking into using Dynamic Yield to improve customer experience through personalization and A/B testing.

We’re going to see the focus shift to customer loyalty in the eCommerce space, especially paid loyalty programs. 

There’s a large array of tools merchants can use to grow their eCommerce site, but if they’re not willing to put time and effort into it, they won’t see the ROI they hoped for.

Thanks to employees like Veronica Gelman and David Anzalone, Avex’s conversion rate optimization program (Growth X) helps merchants improve their conversions via tons of A/B testing and tools like Dynamic Yield, or other tools that may fit the brand even better. 

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