Avex Promotes Two Employees

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by: Holly Kuldell01/06/2022

Quick Summary Avex has promoted two stellar employees: David Anzalone from the Strategy team, and Anesis Kim from the Design team.

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We are pleased to announce both David Anzalone’s promotion to Principal Strategist and Anesis Kim’s promotion to Senior Graphic Designer.

David has been a part of the Avex team since June 2019, leading our eCommerce strategy team as the Senior eCommerce Strategist. His extensive background in eCommerce, marketing, and account operations made him a fantastic person for his previous role, and his hard work and dedication over the past 2 ½ years proves why he has been asked to accept more responsibility.

As Principal Strategist, David will promote a culture of support, positivity, and respect, and oversee our team of Growth Strategists. He will also continue to refine and train others about Avex’s programs, including Growth-X. We are excited to see David continue to thrive at Avex.

In November 2020, Anesis was hired as a Graphic Designer to collaborate with the design team and create beautiful, clean designs for our eCommerce clients. Her experience with UX/UI and digital design gave her the opportunity to play a key role in providing the Avex clients with stunning online stores. 

In her new role as Senior Designer, she will be responsible for guiding teammates when needed and exceeding design expectations both with clients and internally. Anesis will also continue to present designs to clients and incorporate design best practices into her work. We can’t wait to see her grow and flourish in her new position at Avex.

At Avex, we strongly believe in hiring within the agency. Our goal is to create a career path for our team members that allows them to learn, grow and thrive. 

Both David and Anesis have proven to be team players and experts in their fields. They are extremely ambitious, respectful, and passionate about their craft. We’re excited to see them flourish here at Avex and we look forward to them continuing to help our merchants succeed. 

Congratulations, David and Anesis!

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