Best Days and Times to Send Emails Using Klaviyo

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by: Holly Kuldell04/05/2021

Quick Summary Study after study confirms the value of email marketing. From encouraging loyalty to boosting average order values, it works because by opting in, buyers have already signaled their interest in your brand. Whether it’s about new content or your latest promotion, they expect to hear from you.

Email marketing’s infamous ROI comes with a catch. Your business can only capture its share of these returns when customers actively engage. If your content fits snuggly into their schedules — not while they’re asleep, getting kids off to school, or attending meetings — this built-in audience is primed to answer your call to action.  

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Understand Your Audience To Determine the Best Send Times

Reports come and go touting the “best” time and day to send marketing emails, but what works for your business depends on your unique audience. 

Understanding subscribers’ preferences and behaviors helps align your email send times with their routines. You meet them in their inbox when their engagement intent is strongest — so more emails convert into sales.     ‌

Get to know your customers

Building your brand’s buyer persona ensures that you develop content that resonates with their likes, interests, and needs. But it can also reveal insights into subscribers’ day-to-day lives, directing which moments they’re most willing to hear what you have to say. 

Think of it this way: A college student who looks for restaurant email promos likely has a vastly different schedule from a middle-aged mom interested in natural beauty products. Understanding your buyers’ routines helps you leverage their behaviors, based on details like their:

  • Occupation and responsibilities, pointing to what their typical day looks like

  • Main problems that your products solve

  • Triggers that remind them of your products  

Use general trends as a foundation‌

Your customer base is unique from other brands. Still, general and industry trends offer a starting point to guide better campaign outcomes.‌

These consumer trends can also help you manipulate sending schedules based on an email’s goal. For example, research shows that:

  • Tuesdays and Fridays net the highest open rates.

  • Thursdays have greater click-through — and therefore, revenue-generating — rates. 

  • In general, weekdays field better engagement than weekends.

Optimize with email segmentation

Understanding your general audience and industry trends puts you on the right path toward smarter send times. But segmenting your base into smaller groups optimizes each email’s accuracy. 

By organizing your base into smaller sections, you can personalize both the content they receive and when they get it. This individualized approach encourages as high as 200% greater open rates.‌

Using Klaviyo, you can:

  • Segment subscribers into smaller groups based on categories that make sense for your business

  • Ensure that the right content gets delivered to each segment at their preferred time

  • Automatically adjust for different time zones 

Use A/B testing to fine-tune campaign schedules‌

Trends and averages tell a part of your customers’ story, but Klaviyo's features are custom-built to paint a more precise picture of your specific audience, producing better results.

With the platform’s Smart Send Time tool, businesses with more than 12,000 active subscribers can run A/B tests to pinpoint engagement trends. It makes brand-specific data more accessible, so you’re sending emails based on what your audience is actually doing, not just around what general averages suggest. ‌

This empowers smarter, results-oriented email marketing by:

  • Sending an email to random sets of subscribers each hour over a 24-hour period

  • Analyzing your audience’s activity to isolate which time frames field the best engagement

  • Creating graphs based on metrics like open rates and conversions per hour

  • Retesting to confirm your optimal sending time results

This process works to isolate the best days to reach your customers as well — and the more you test, the more intelligent your data becomes. It allows you to refine segments and customize content that speaks directly to individuals’ needs, enhancing email marketing sales by delivering solutions at just the right time.

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