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by: Holly Kuldell04/15/2021

Quick Summary Whether you’re new to Klaviyo or you're a seasoned pro, it’s always good to learn more. This email marketing tool offers a variety of automations that can make your life easier. By instituting the right flows, you can boost your email marketing strategy quickly.

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When your email marketing strategy improves, so do your sale numbers. Here are the top 10 best Klaviyo flow ideas you should be using to send emails that make an impact.‌

1. Welcome Series

When entering a retail store, the first thing a customer hears is “Hello.” This welcoming experience can be recreated with ease by putting together a welcome series. 

While this type of email flow is pretty obvious, it should still be thought out in advance. Your welcome flow will be your customers’ first impression of your brand’s emails. Take the time to create a clean, well-designed email series that highlights your brand and introduces your social media handles. 

Your welcome emails can also include helpful items like a new customer promo code or discount. This encourages customers to open more of your messages in the future. ‌

2. Abandoned Cart Series

It’s all too easy for online customers to step away from a cart full of products. Whether they step away by accident or on purpose, an abandoned cart flow can help remind your customers to come back. You can even use Klaviyo to add a photo of the products they left as a reminder of what they’re missing.‌

This reminder is valuable. With careful timing, Klaviyo’s customers see massive results from their abandoned cart reminders. Overall, revenue per recipient for these emails was an incredible $5.81 each. That makes this one of the best Klaviyo flows available.‌

3. Browse Abandonment Series

Browsing abandonment is the gentler cousin to cart abandonment. If a previous customer comes to your site to browse but leaves without putting anything in the cart, this email flow encourages them to come back. 

Unlike cart abandonment flows, these series focus on increasing site visits, not purchases. You can’t be sure that the visitor came by with the intent to purchase. While you can encourage sales with discount codes and free shipping, the goal is to get their eyes back on your products. ‌

4. Product Review Automation

Product reviews are a valuable form of social proof and UGC (user-generated content) showcasing. The easiest way to get reviews? Ask for them. 

After someone buys a product, send them a quick automated email asking for a review of their purchase. Positive reviews become a valuable tool for future marketing. Meanwhile, negative reviews give you the chance to either make your customer’s day better or learn from constructive criticism. Either way, you learn from the process. 

5. Behavior-Based Thank You Flow

Thank you emails are another flow that just makes sense. When someone makes a purchase, it’s only natural to thank them for their patronage. However, so many email marketing platforms send thank you emails that it’s worthwhile to make yours unique. 

The simplest way to stand out is to make use of segmentation. Klaviyo’s robust segmentation tools allow you to send out different thank you emails based on customer type. The result is a personalized message that stands out in an inbox full of generic emails.‌

6. Cross-Sell Flow

Once you’ve brought a customer into the fold, it’s time to work on keeping them. Cross-selling is a great tool to keep your brand in customers' minds after they’ve made their first purchase. 

A cross-sell flow begins when your customer makes their first purchase. With Klaviyo, you can send different cross-sell emails depending on what they purchased. The best strategy is to wait about a month after their first purchase, then send the customer an email with new products they may like. ‌

When the customer returns to the site, they will ideally make a new purchase, reenter the email marketing flows, and continue the cycle. 

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7. Back-in-Stock Automation

Sometimes you run out of a particular product. That’s generally a good thing, as long as you can get more quickly, because it’s a sign that your customers like it. 

If a product goes out of stock, you can have customers sign up for automatic notifications when it’s back. This makes them feel like they’re exclusive customers and helps you bring in more sales. Just make sure to measure your stock against the number of emails you send so you don’t send more emails than you have products. 

8. Instructional Flow

Instructional videos are useful for everyone. You can set up an instructional flow that appeals to everyone who buys a product. For example, when you sell a particular beauty product, you can send emails that teach buyers how to use it more effectively. Home goods stores can send videos with ideas for designing a room that includes a given product. With instructional emails, customers feel like they’re getting more value for their money. 

9. Special Events Automation

Your audience appreciates it when you make them feel special. You can set up automated emails for special events like birthdays, the anniversary of their first purchase from your brand, or more product-specific events. Home goods businesses can even send a special email to congratulate customers on moving if you collect their move-in date.‌

10. Sunset Flow

There’s no good reason to keep sending emails to someone who’s going to immediately delete them. Klaviyo bases its prices on the number of contacts you have, so it’s wise to phase out customers who aren’t engaging. 

That’s where a sunset flow can help. First, try a win-back flow that includes discounts and promotions to see if you can bring the customer back. If that doesn’t work, you can use a last-ditch effort sunset flow to reengage them. If this campaign doesn’t get their attention, it’s likely time to delete them and save money.


There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to using flows on Klaviyo. The robust email marketing tools for learning about your customers help when it comes to brainstorming and creating the best e-commerce email automations. You can also test different send times, designs, and copy in your emails to ensure that you’re getting the most out of the service. When you use the right tools for the job, like Klaviyo, you can keep customers engaged and keep costs to a minimum. 

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