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by: Avex Designs07/06/2023

Quick Summary Whether you’re new to Klaviyo or you're a seasoned pro, it’s always good to learn more. This email marketing tool offers a variety of automation that can make your life easier. By instituting the right flows, you can boost your email marketing strategy quickly.

In the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, establishing strong connections with customers is paramount for business success, particularly eCommerce business. 

This is where Klaviyo steps in – a cutting-edge email marketing platform that empowers businesses to elevate their campaigns through the power of automation and personalization. 

Leverages the power of the Klaviyo to increase email marketing ROI, retention, and CLTV.

At the heart of the Klaviyo platform lies a game-changing feature: email flows. With email flows, businesses can craft tailored and automated email sequences based on behaviors, milestones, and other triggers – captivating customers at critical milestones throughout their journey.

According to Klaviyo’s Q422 Data, businesses that invest and optimize Klaviyo flows can see impressive results, averaging at: 

  • 52.49% Open Rates

  • 5.83% Click Rates

  • 1.82% Conversion Rates 

  • $1.91 Revenue Per Recipient

In the blog, we’ll be touching on some of the Best Klaviyo Flow Examples that foster stronger customer-brand relationships, drive more product sales, and ultimately, increase email marketing ROI.

Top 10 Klaviyo Flows (+ Sunset Flow)

Welcome Series Automation

Similar to how customers in retail stores are greeted with a warm "Hello," welcome series automation is a widely adopted strategy used by e-commerce brands to establish personalized connections with their new customers.

Crafting a compelling welcome series is not just about automating the process of greeting and engaging new subscribers; it's an opportunity to make a lasting impression and establish a genuine connection with your audience. This is an opportunity to highlight your brand identity and communicate your core narrative. 

It's, therefore, important to invest time and effort in creating visually appealing and well-designed email series that accurately represent your brand. Consider incorporating elements like your social media handles to encourage subscribers to connect with you on different platforms and stay engaged with your brand beyond email.

To further enhance the impact of your welcome series, consider including special offers or discounts exclusively for new subscribers. By providing them with an incentive to explore your products or services, you can increase the chances of conversion and encourage long-term engagement.

Remember, a well-crafted welcome series sets the tone for your customer relationship, so make sure to deliver an on-brand and personalized experience that reflects your brand's values and leaves a positive impression on your new subscribers.

Abandoned Cart Email Automation

Online customers often find themselves abandoning their shopping carts, whether intentionally or unintentionally. An abandoned cart flow serves as gentle prompts that re-engage these customers and encourage them to complete their purchase.

To create a truly personalized experience, Klaviyo’s abandoned cart automation can dynamically populate with individualized content, such as product images that reflect the specific items each shopper added. This level of customization makes each cart unique and resonates with shoppers on a more personal level, increasing the chances of converting an abandoned cart into a completed purchase.

This personalized reminder is valuable. In fact, and with careful attention to timing, Klaviyo’s customers see massive results from their abandoned cart reminders. Overall, revenue per recipient for these emails was an incredible $5.81 each; making this one of the best Klaviyo flows available.‌

With that said, combining retention marketing with a personalization tool is the perfect formula for effectively targeting today's consumers, who prioritize omnichannel experiences and personalized offerings. By leveraging tools like Dynamic Yield and integrating them with Klaviyo, you gain the ability to strategically target your most valuable customer segments.

For instance, merchants can import customer segments who have repeatedly added a product to their cart but haven't completed the purchase on their preferred email service provider (ESP), such as Klaviyo. With this data, you can then craft personalized promotional offers that reignite their interest and encourage them to convert.

Check out our actionable guide on how to reignite interest with behavioral messaging. 

Browse Abandonment Series

Browsing abandonment is the gentler cousin to cart abandonment. If a previous customer comes to your site to browse but leaves without putting anything in the cart, this email flow encourages them to come back. 

Unlike cart abandonment flows, these series focus on increasing site visits, not purchases. You can’t be sure that the visitor came by with the intent to purchase. While you can encourage sales with discount codes and free shipping, the goal is to get their eyes back on your products.

Behavior-Based Thank You Flow

The Thank You flow is a type of post-purchase email that allows you to foster brand loyalty by expressing gratitude to your customers for their valuable support and business. In a competitive landscape where customers have numerous choices, it's essential to go the extra mile and send a personalized thank-you note to those who have chosen your brand.

While many email marketing platforms send thank-you emails, it's worthwhile to make yours unique. One effective way to stand out is by utilizing segmentation. Klaviyo's robust segmentation tools enable you to send different thank-you emails based on customer type. This results in a personalized message that stands out in an inbox filled with generic emails.

Cross-Sell Flow

Once you’ve brought a customer into the fold, it’s time to work on keeping them. Cross-selling is a great tool to keep your brand in customers' minds after they’ve made their first purchase. 

A cross-sell flow begins when your customer makes their first purchase. With Klaviyo, you can send different cross-sell emails depending on what they purchased. The best strategy is to wait about a month after their first purchase, then send the customer an email with new products they may like. ‌


When the customer returns to the site, they will ideally make a new purchase, reenter the email marketing flows, and continue the cycle. 

Product Review Automation

Product reviews are a valuable form of social proof and UGC (user-generated content) showcasing. The easiest way to get reviews? Ask for them. 

Through product review automation, you can actively engage with your customers and gather their valuable feedback on their product experience. By strategically incorporating a time delay, you can create a seamless flow where customers receive their order first and then, at the optimal moment, trigger the product review series to encourage them to share their thoughts and experiences with your offering.

Back-in-Stock Automation

Back-in-stock automation plays a vital role in maximizing sales opportunities, particularly when dealing with limited inventory. By offering customers the option to sign up for automatic notifications when a specific item is restocked, you can create a sense of anticipation and exclusivity. 


With that said, It is important to ensure that you measure your stock levels against the number of emails you send, to avoid sending more emails than the available products.

Replenishment Automation

For brands that offer products that customers regularly repurchase within specific timeframes, particularly consumer packaged goods (CPGs), replenishment automation serves as helpful reminders.

This automation notifies customers when their supplies may be running low and prompt them to refill their stock. By sending a well-timed reminder email just before their product is scheduled to run out, you demonstrate to your customers that you have their best interests in mind – and of course, drive repeat purchases and contribute to long-term customer loyalty.

Instructional Flow

The instructional email automation serves as a valuable educational resource for customers, offering guidance on product usage, care, cleaning, or assembly. An instruction video or a guide can go above and beyond in signaling to your customers that your relationship with them extends beyond mere transactions.

By proactively sharing instructional content, you not only empower customers to maximize the value of their purchases but also reduce customer service inquiries and enhance product adoption rates. 

Special Events Automation

Your audience values the personal touch, and automating emails for special occasions can make them feel truly special. By leveraging data and customer insights, you can tailor your communications to align with significant events in their lives.

For example, sending personalized birthday emails shows that you care about celebrating their special day. It's an opportunity to offer exclusive discounts, special offers, or even a heartfelt message to make them feel appreciated. Similarly, acknowledging the anniversary of their first purchase from your brand not only commemorates their loyalty but also reinforces the relationship you've built over time.

Product-specific events can also be leveraged to engage customers. For instance, if you're in the home goods industry, collecting customers' move-in dates allows you to send them a congratulatory email when they settle into a new home. You can provide helpful tips, personalized recommendations, or even special discounts on items that might enhance their new living space. This attention to detail and personalization demonstrates your commitment to their unique needs and makes them feel genuinely cared for.

By utilizing automation tools like Klaviyo, you can seamlessly integrate these special occasion emails into your marketing strategy. The platform allows you to segment your audience, set triggers based on specific events, and craft personalized messages that resonate with each individual. This level of personalization not only enhances the customer experience but also drives engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, revenue growth for your business.

Sunset Flow

There’s no good reason to keep sending emails to someone who’s going to immediately delete them. Klaviyo bases its prices on the number of contacts you have, so it’s wise to phase out customers who aren’t engaging. 


That’s where a sunset flow can help. First, try a win-back flow that includes discounts and promotions to see if you can bring the customer back. If that doesn’t work, you can use a last-ditch effort sunset flow to reengage them. If this campaign doesn’t get their attention, it’s likely time to delete them and save money.

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With email marketing flows, the potential for creating personalized and impactful experiences for your customers is limitless. More so when leveraging the powerful marketing capabilities of Klaviyo which combines email, SMS, and sophisticated data functionality in a single platform. Whether it’s email or SMS, the goal is continuously to optimize your retention marketing effort with AB testing– send times, designs, and copy – and ensure you’re sending the right message to the right person, at the right time. 

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