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by: Holly Kuldell01/12/2022

Quick Summary 23 of the top Shopify brands to inspire your eCommerce site as we go into 2022.

As we dive into 2022, over 1 million brands are selling products on Shopify. The eCommerce and overall tech industry are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up with the trends. 

This list was compiled to show entrepreneurs, brand owners, and even website designers the best brands and what they’re doing to stay on top. These 23 eCommerce websites were chosen for their design, shopping ease, uniqueness, and overall popularity. In no particular order, here are the best brands on Shopify to date.

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Apparel Brands


Fashionnova is a clothing brand that houses over 34k SKUs. Their branding is loud and sexy without being over the top, which is hard to do with that many products. The site organization and product popularity are two reasons why the brand was ranked one of the top grossing stores on Shopify in 2018 and still continues to thrive today. 

One unforgettable element of the site is the Mystery Offer popup that allows customers to “scratch-off” their offer like you would on a lottery ticket. The experience makes you feel like you’re winning a contest you didn’t even enter – and we won 30% off our first try, which is higher than the average discount brands give for grabbing your email from you. 


Kim Kardashian West created this brand of shapewear, underwear, and loungewear in 2018 and sold out the entire stock of products within a few minutes. With how often products sell out, the brand created a popup that appropriately reads, “Be the first to know,” as it asks for your email address. In fact, within the first 9 weeks of the launch, there were over two million people on the waiting list.

Skims by the numbers: the brand is valued at $1.6 billion, has 26,000 five-star reviews, and did $145 million in sales in 2020. Plus, those who can’t get their hands on the clothing are constantly looking for brands that create duplicates, or dupes, anywhere they can find them. If that doesn’t show a brand’s success, we don’t know what does. 

Balance Athletica

Family created and owned, this workout clothing brand was started around the concept of balancing your mind, body, and spirit to be able to live your best life. They also aim to build a community of all backgrounds and sizes through their clothing. 

The homepage displays a gorgeous video banner displaying simple shots of a model wearing the products in front of a neutral background and large, high-quality photos, all while not seeing any lag in site speed. Speaking of speed, customers are able to checkout in a matter of seconds by using the “quick add to cart” button directly on the PLP.


Cupshe is a summer apparel brand focusing on inclusive bathing suits. When shopping for seasonal clothing, you want to rest assured that the products will last year after year. You don’t have to worry about that with Cupshe, as Elle Magazine reported the suit’s “quality is top-notch.” 

The brand is also all about giving back – they offer a 20% discount on orders over $75 to healthcare works to thank them for their work on the frontline during Covid-19. Cupshe utilizes social media to make even more sales, and has over 1 million followers on Instagram where they post a mixture of influencer content, product photos, and fun video shoots.  


Untuckit started out in 2010 as a men’s dress shirt brand where the button-downs were slightly cropped and therefore didn’t have to be tucked in to look professional. They now sell sweaters, pants, and women’s clothing, and have employed over 700 people in their 80 brick-and-mortar stores. 

With such a specific product, the brand makes the smart choice of displaying the customer support email and phone number with a large font to ensure site visitors feel like their questions can be answered. Untuckit has featured NFL player Drew Brees and NHL player Wayne Gretzky as brand ambassadors, matching the interests of their audience. With having done $150 million in sales in 2018, this brand has grown substantially over the last decade, and will only go up from here. 

Alo Yoga

One of Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2021, Alo Yoga promotes a lifestyle of movement, giving, and comfort. Alo (standing for air, land, and ocean) sells yoga clothing and accessories for both men and women. The brand houses a section called Alo Moves where subscribers get access to thousands of fitness videos. Subscribers jumped seven-fold in 2020 due to the popularity of at-home workouts.

The brand’s homepage is photo-heavy yet simple and muted. As site visitors shop and add products to their cart, a popup is triggered to show products that “pair great with” the product added to cart. This subtle level of personalization can easily upsell customers and increase average order value, conversion rates, and overall sales. 


TaylorStitch creates men’s clothing built to last a lifetime. The products are warm and cozy, just like the site’s branding. The brand allows both calls and texts to their customer support number, adding that calling while providing customers with “good old-fashioned conversation,” creative copy that gives site visitors insights on the brand’s message. 

Their 20% off discount popup includes a “connect with Facebook” option, making it even easier for customers to save. Another creative aspect of the site is the top right corner where it says the site visitor has 5 new messages with product and brand updates – all from different employees, effectively humanizing the brand. 

Metal Umbrella

Founded by Ali Hassan (more popularly known as SypherPK) and his wife Daniela Ali, Metal Umbrella sells high-end apparel inspired by anime and gaming. SypherPK has 5.2 million followers on Twitch (making him the 22nd most followed Twitch channel in the world) and 5.52 million subscribers on YouTube. 

The clothing seems like it would just be merch sold by any 25-year-old content creator, but after looking through the site, customers realize the clothing has its own unique style, separate from SypherPK, as any successful brand would. The site’s branding is simple, ensuring the vibrant-colored clothing can stand out. 


Allbirds is much more than a sneaker brand. They create and sell eco-friendly shoes made of materials like wool, tree fibers, and sugarcane. With a medium price point, the “world’s most comfortable shoes” are hard to beat, especially with the company’s dedication to reducing their per-product carbon footprint by 50% by 2025. 

Although there are 23 retail Allbirds stores, the online sales for the brand made up 89% of it’s 2020 revenue, or $195.2 million. When the $4.1 billion company went public in November 2021, shares increased by 90%. If anything, this brand is an example of how popular sustainability is in the current climate (no pun intended).

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This streetwear brand has one of the most unique homepages in eCommerce; it simply displays a full-screen photo and a small six-section menu on the left side of the screen. It creates a sense of mystery that leaves the site visitor needing more info. Clicking one of the options brings customers to a more typical layout with the same clean branding. 

Along with sweats that would make anyone feel put together while being incredibly comfortable, the brand sells products you would not expect. The Kith backgammon game is currently sold out, and you can find Barbie sporting a Kith outfit after running a contest for anyone to style Barbie with Kith’s best looks. On top of that, Kith fans can go to one of their 8 Kith Treats cereal bar locations, or purchase clothing with the fun, ice cream branding. If that doesn’t help a brand stand out, we don’t know what will. 

Red Dress

Red Dress Boutique was founded by an artist who was fed up with the high prices of fairly boring clothing. Diana Harbour wanted to create a line of apparel that allows women to affordably dress in unique, lively pieces and feel confident in what they wear. After taking her company to Shark Tank, the company brought in $15 million in sales. Even after her success, Diana still takes the time to create handwritten thank you notes to customers.

The site itself immediately lets the site visitor know the brand's style – fun, colorful, and exciting. It also educates those who aren’t sure what to purchase with a series of “Shop the look” photos of trendy outfits. When a customer reaches a PDP, they can view a video of the model wearing/walking around in the piece of clothing, making it easier to understand what the piece looks like on someone. 


Based in the UK, Gymshark sells workout clothing to customers in over 131 countries worldwide. As many great companies do, this one started in a garage. The founder wanted to inspire customers to “be all that you imagined you could be” through comfortable and stylish fitness outfits. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the company saw $128 million in revenue in 2018 alone. 

The homepage features images from a recent collaboration with Whitney Simmons, a fitness digital creator with 3.2 million Instagram followers, and the PDPs provide videos of a model working out in the clothing to prove the stability and comfort of the products. The Shopify site also includes a transparency report that shows the brand’s carbon footprint, split up by the ways in with CO2 emissions are being created, in an effort to be upfront about their sustainability.

CPG Brands

Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life launched in 2001 after one of the founder’s family members was diagnosed with MS and wanted to follow a gluten and dairy-free diet. From then on, this top Shopify site was created with the goal of “enjoying foods without worry.” Their chocolate, cookies, and snacks are made completely free of gluten and 14 allergens. Along with a strong eCommerce presence, their products are in over 400,000 locations worldwide, making them easily accessible.

The concept behind the products is both niche and needed. To understand the products more, there’s a handy dandy “Learn” tab on the menu that gives easily digestible information about certain allergies and ingredients. The site allows visitors to filter products by specific diet, ingredient, or even occasion. 

OneBlade Shave

OneBlade Shave is a men’s razor company that creates sleek, modern products meant to last a lifetime. Their simple yet luxurious razors are guaranteed to eliminate irritation and ensure a barbershop feel every time. 10 years ago, the founder set out to produce razors that make you change the way you feel about shaving, and he has done just that and more with OneBlade.

With reviews in Business Insider and the New York Times, OneBlade is guaranteed to make men feel luxurious and pampered. The brand allows you to schedule a call with a “shaving expert” right from the site, and bundles products, allowing customers to save up to $100 while increasing their own average order value. 


This addition to the list goes out to all those who menstruate.  For years, feminine hygiene products were at a standstill in terms of innovation. Luckily, Thinx launched in 2013 and has become increasingly popular. Thinx sells machine-washable “underwear that absorbs your period” making it so menstruating people can ditch the pads and tampons (if only for a night or two). To steer customers in the right direction and ensure they find the best pair of underwear for their needs, product reviews are segmented by customer flow level and include the reviewer’s age, size, and period management (how many feminine products they usually use on certain days of their cycle).

The Shopify site has an overwhelming amount of information displayed in a very digestible way. For instance, a small banner scrolls constantly with returns, shipping, and money-back guarantee information, there’s a quiz to find out the best absorbency level for the customer, and there’s an FAQ section all on the homepage. The lack of capital letters and copy choice throughout the website creates a casual and direct feel to the brand. 


After finding heirloom popcorn kernels in a health food store 9 years ago, Jeff and Jennifer Martin knew the seeds could create a delicious product. Jennifer was especially excited due to her own health issues restricting her from eating regular popcorn. They contacted the farmer in Indiana that grew the seeds, and the rest was history for the brand. Pipcorn ended up on Oprah’s Favorite things and Shark Tank, eventually bringing in $6.1 million in revenue in 2020.

Pipsnack’s online store houses calming, subtle animation of illustrations above the fold, three discount codes on the top of the homepage, and a photo of the nutrition label on each PDP as even more proof of the healthy ingredients.

Dr. Squatch

Started in a garage, this top Shopify brand sells natural hygiene products specifically for men, including soaps, shampoos, and deodorants. Seen in GQ and Men’s Journal, Dr. Squatch provides customers with “sudisfaction guaranteed.” Casual copy like this and the site’s branding show Dr. Squatch’s mission of taking away the seriousness of men’s hygiene. 

The brand focuses their charity work on education and access to hygiene – they’ve donated 1,519,020 bars to date, and recycled over 330k pounds of soap. They also connect with customers via a Discord channel where the brand shares exclusive content, giveaways, and early product announcements. Customers can find their products both online and in Walmart stores nationwide. 

Beauty Brands


Colourpop is a makeup and skincare brand that sells incredibly affordable products – customers can grab two liquid liners for less than $20. The company uses pastel colors in their branding that gives a soft, pleasing ambiance to the site. Their various lip tints, mascaras, and eye shadows have won many awards (which you can easily shop on their About page). Plus, they’ve done collabs with brands like the NBA, Malibu Barbie, and Disney. 

If a customer changes tabs, the Colourpop tab reads “Hey, where’d you go?” which provides the customer with a subtle yet effective reminder to come back to shopping. One of the brand’s strongest aspects is their social media presence. Colourpop’s Instagram account takes the cake for the most followers on this list, hitting 10 million people. They showcase product photos and influencer content. Vogue Business writes of their social media success, mentioning that it proves “a beauty brand doesn’t need a famous founder to get a leg up on Instagram.”

Jeffree Star

Speaking of famous founders, YouTube makeup artist Jeffree Star’s makeup brand must be mentioned in a list of the best Shopify stores. He shares chaotic beauty content to over 16 million subscribers. In 2014, he started his own line of vegan and cruelty-free makeup, which annually brings in an estimated $100 million. The design of the site includes feminine and edgy branding surrounding the artist, with copy like “no making out, but kisses are ok!” on a PDP for lipstick, giving the site visitor a feel of his personality. 

The brand releases collections corresponding to Star’s content that sells out quickly. His Conspiracy Collection sold 1 million eyeshadow palettes in only 30 minutes, proving he’s got plenty of loyal fans, either to his brand or his content. 


Another fairly niche yet necessary addition to the best Shopify brands list goes to Glamnetic, a brand of magnetic false eyelashes that stick to eyeliner rather than directly to your skin with glue. Using regular false lashes is a daunting task (ask anyone who has ever tried), so the 27-year-old founder decided she would quit her path of becoming a doctor and start her own company to solve this issue. By 2020, the brand brought in $50 million in sales. 

The way this product works may be confusing, so the brand does a great job at explaining via video tutorials, value props (can wear up to 60 times vs. the regular 5 times), and a lash guide with each type of lash and how they look on. If that isn’t enough, the site cleverly gives the visitor a mystery offer after switching tabs that is sent to their Facebook Messenger app. 

Home Brands


If you’ve listened to a sponsored podcast episode in the last year, you’ve probably heard of Brooklinen. They sell luxury bedsheets and consider themselves “The Internets Favorite Sheets,” broadcasting heavily in the ad space of podcasts. One obvious reason for adding Brooklinen to this list: they have over 80,000 five-star reviews. That’s one Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium’s worth of people expressing their love for these bedsheets. 

When shopping on the site, the “Take Our Quiz” page is a great addition for consumers who may be overwhelmed by different fabrics and bedding products. It’s also the perfect opportunity for the brand to retain information about the visitor to use in future marketing materials. Lastly, the page title in the browser’s tab switches between the page you’re on and a call-to-action saying “15% off won’t last forever,” catching your attention with a specific, timely, and fairly substantial discount. 


Ruggable sells…rugs. That’s pretty obvious. What you may not be able to discern from the brand name is that all of their rugs are machine-washable. Gone are the days of steam cleaning! Right below the fold, the website includes graphics explaining their rugs are also spill proof, nonslip, and made to order. Below that is a video showing how the rugs come with a rug pad, making the rug cover thin enough to fit in a washing machine. 

If rug textures aren’t something you’re an expert in, Ruggable explains in detail the differences between them. Speaking of education, as you hover over the “size” menu, the site shows you sizes based not only on the room they likely belong in but also on the furniture it sits under by having pencil-like diagrams for each scenario. Buying a rug can make or break a room, so the fact that Ruggable’s site provides so much clarity on their product is incredibly helpful.

Pier 1

Founded four decades ago, Pier 1 has been in the decor and furniture industry for a while. However, they just recently went completely direct to customer after being acquired by Retail Ecommerce Ventures in 2020. Still, the company brought in $269.9 million in global net sales that same year. 

The impressive Shopify site houses clean, bright branding and starts off the customer’s journey with a full page popup for $15 off if you sign up for emails and texts and spend $50. Site visitors are also offered discounts via a code on the PLP, and yet another discount code on a banner for a certain amount of time. They’re practically throwing discounts at the customer as they shop! With furniture being the product, the brand makes sure to provide adequate information about the product details, dimensions, shipping, and how to assemble via the PDP.


Congratulations! If you’ve made it to the end of this article, you are up-to-date on which brands to follow going into 2022. Or, at the very least, you’ve learned about a new product or two. Interested in migrating to Shopify Plus, redesigning your site, or improving conversions? Chat with us today to see how we can help your brand be the best it can be. 

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