Best Website Inspiration 2012

Best Website Inspiration 2012
by: John Surdakowski09/02/2012

Quick Summary The best website inspiration 2012. Here are some really creative websites, from some of the best web designers across the globe.

The Best Website Inspiration 2012.

Here are some of my personal picks for the best website inspiration 2012. Some of these designers & firms are really pushing the boundaries of design and development. They all won Awwwards for website of the day.

I always try to check out the top websites, to see what the community is doing. It really helps to stay on top of your game. We all need a little inspiration sometimes, so hopefully these websites can help you put together a few new ideas for your own projects.


Sennep is an interactive design studio formed in 2003. I really love the transitions, and use of large imagery. Also very minimal, with a good use of white space.

Best Website Inspiration 2012

Narrow Design

“I work and play with design and code in hopes of making the kids proud. These are my best attempts so far. And one of my worst” – I dont even know what to say about this website. Parallax galore! There is some crazy sh*t going on here. You need to check it out.

The New Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew wanted a new online home to unify their wide range of branded content. The experience needed to engage fans connecting from desktop, tablet and mobile devices. this responsive website is pretty intense. Parallax scrolling, CSS3 Transitions. It’s great to see large companies make use of modern web technologies.

The Exquisite Forest

Produced by Google & Tate, This Exquisite Forest is a collaborative art project conceived by Chris Milk & Aaron Koblin that lets users build animations off one another, resulting in a collection of branching narratives. This is a pretty intense project by Google. You need to view it in Chrome. But it’s really amazing. Navigate through a “forest” and add animations to already existing timelines, or start your own. Very similar to the Johnny Cash project they worked on.


Virtual try 180 rotation + Ecommerce glasses shop. No crazy techniques. Just a really solid website, clean, with great photography.

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