Beyond Transactions Playbook

by: Avex Designs07/12/2023

Quick Summary Master DTC customer retention and loyalty with the Beyond Transactions Playbook, brought to you by Avex, Shopify Plus, and Yotpo. Step-by-step checklists for building a winning DTC loyalty program, expert quotes on retention marketing, data-backed insights on the state of eCommerce, and more.

Avex, in partnership with Shopify Plus and Yotpo, is excited to present the Beyond Transactions Playbook, which is designed to help you take your eCommerce retention efforts to the next level. This comprehensive guide is packed with proven tactics that will enable you to keep your most valuable customers coming back, again and again.

At its core, the Beyond Transactions Playbook is all about going beyond the traditional transactional relationship between businesses and customers. Rather than solely focusing on one-off purchases, the playbook emphasizes the importance of building strong, ongoing relationships with your customers and bringing this ethos across different retention marketing channels.

What to Expect:

  • A data-backed overview of the state of DTC Loyalty and Customer Retention

  • A step-by-step checklist for building a winning DTC Loyalty Program

  • A deep dive into the power of integrating loyalty programs with retention-driving marketing channels

  • Expert quotes and more.

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