eComm Connect: Denver's Dining & Networking

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by: Avex06/21/2023

Quick Summary A Denver-based Event with and Ecocart.

Avex was thrilled to organize its first event in Denver, where the world of eCommerce came together in a spectacular display of innovation and collaboration. In partnership with EcoCart and, we hosted the Ecomm Connect Dining and Networking event, aimed at bringing together professionals with similar interests to foster valuable connections and exchange ideas in the fields of sustainable commerce and retention marketing.

Experience the ambiance at Ecomm Connect, featuring an elevated culinary experience at Ocean Prime.

Year-round, we host a handful of relationship-building events that are all focused on having a good time in different fun and intimate settings.

If you are interested in similar future events, let us know and we'll make it a point to notify you of our upcoming events:

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