How To Optimize Klaviyo Email Marketing For Home Brands

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by: John Surdakowski03/19/2021

Quick Summary Brick and mortar shops are out and e-commerce is in. Plenty of consumers are turning away from the inconvenience and limited inventory of brick and mortar establishments for the simplicity of ordering online. Home brands have taken note of the trend, and the race to implement successful e-commerce marketing methods is on.

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How You Can Use Email Marketing for Home Brands?

While social media campaigns are big for home brands, they shouldn’t be the only thing to drive your sales. Using the tips below, email marketing can grow your brand. After all, email marketing for home brands can provide ROI as high as 5100%. Using tools like Klaviyo can help you out, whether you’re just getting started or want to expand. 

Segment Your Audience Effectively

During different stages of your life, what you need out of your home goods will change. Older consumers are more likely to need true home goods designed for permanency. Meanwhile, younger people are more likely to want apartment- and renting-friendly goods that can be taken apart or moved quickly. 

With market segmentation, you can appeal to both audiences at once. Try segmenting your subscribers by age. With Klaviyo’s powerful email marketing segmentation tools, you can immediately start appealing to these disparate audiences’ different needs. 

Try sending your older subscribers email marketing campaigns highlighting permanent or larger items while showing younger people goods that make it easier to live in smaller spaces. With Klaviyo, you can even perform A/B testing to see just how effective this demographic split is at improving your conversion rates.

Create a Virtual Shop Feel

Some people do love the activity of browsing through a shop to see what appeals to them.

It’s possible to capture a similar popup-shop feeling in your email marketing with modern design tools. Instead of just sending one or two images in any given email, take the time to collect and present products connected by a theme. Building a collage of different goods recreates that sense of browsing for the perfect find. 

One or two photos can leave customers feeling cold, especially if they don’t immediately love those items in particular. On the other hand, a broad collection of items makes it more likely that everyone who opens the email will appreciate at least one or two. That’s great for your click-through rates. 

Incorporate Social Proof and User Generated Content 

In a world that’s progressively more filled with advertising, word of mouth is becoming more critical than ever. Plenty of shoppers have been burned by home goods that were poor-quality or falsely advertised. 

As a result, they’re turning to other people to see which products and goods they liked to help make decisions. This type of community-sourced feedback is known as social proof. 

You can simulate word-of-mouth exposure by using user-generated content (UGC) and customer reviews in your emails. This provides social proof for your subscribers, even for products that may be brand new to them. 

UGC and reviews have two significant effects. First, they help build your subscribers’ trust in your brand. Since other people have received what they wanted and got the product they expected, your subscribers feel more confident that they will, too. Second, adding social proof can also build customer loyalty since it gives your subscribers a sense of community

Implement Occasion-Specific Emails

People enjoy feeling special, and you can give them the personalized service they want by sending occasion-specific emails. Great occasions to send individual subscribers emails include:

  • If they set up a wedding registry with your company, on their wedding anniversary

  • Their birthday

  • When they’ve been away long enough that you consider them a dormant user

  • When they’ve left the site with items in their cart

Acknowledging these events makes your subscribers feel like they’re important to you, which helps encourage loyalty. Home brand marketing benefits from brand loyalty more than many others because customers prefer to keep their homes consistent and organized around a theme. 

Giving yourself an edge in the customer’s mind can help you make not just one sale but also make many sales for years to come. That leads to a customer base with a higher lifetime order value, which is without a doubt better for your company.

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What Are Some Best Email Marketing Practices to Follow?

There are many more strategies you can use to create a successful email campaign, of course. By using the following best email marketing techniques, you can optimize your campaigns to meet your customers where they are. 

Provide Educational Content

There are plenty of home retailers out there. To set your brand apart from the rest, do more than just market to your customers in your emails. Instead, provide educational content as well. 

You can give them tips on decorating on a budget or for different events, advice on choosing the right type of certain goods, or even guides to building, designing, and installing items. This also makes your emails more interesting and more valuable to your subscribers. 

Share Seasonal News and Advice

Many home goods customers enjoy regularly redecorating or decorating for different seasons and holidays. Keep your emails fresh the same way. Provide news and advice for new seasonal patterns, colors, and styles to keep your subscribers up-to-date and encourage them to check out your new collections. 

Offer Relevant Promos

The simplest way to add value to your emails is to use them to provide unique promos and offers. Include discounts, free shipping, or buy online and pick up in-store offers in your emails to boost your open rates and keep your customers engaged. 

How Can Using the Right Tool for the Job Help You?

Whether you’re just entering the e-commerce space or looking to improve your e-commerce email marketing, it’s essential to use the right tool for the job. Klaviyo’s powerful email marketing tools can help you segment your audience effectively, include persuasive user-generated content, and plan out campaigns that make an impact. 

It’s a new world for home retailers of all sizes, and email marketing for home brands can make all the difference. Allow Klaviyo to help you quickly integrate these tips into your email marketing strategy and watch your e-commerce company grow.

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