The Ultimate BFCM Workbook for Fashion Brands

by: Zain Alami10/01/2022

Quick Summary If you are interested in growing your online fashion business and meeting the new consumer behavior patterns, specifically around the Black Friday and Cyber Monday season, this is the ultimate checklist for you, brought to you by Avex and Klaviyo. As a bonus, you’ll also find attached, in the end, our recommendations for tools, platforms, and services that will help you navigate the changing eCommerce landscape while effectively meeting your goals.

Throughout the year, eCommerce merchants passionately endeavor to sway shoppers and ignite their desire to make a purchase. Yet, it is during the much-anticipated Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) that an extraordinary opportunity arises. This is when consumers clutch their credit cards in anticipation, creating a fertile ground for brands to unleash their full potential.

Avex, in collaboration with Klaviyo, presents you with The Ultimate Checklist for eCommerce Fashion brands with is broken down into three main key phases:

  • Pre-Black Friday: Prep & Test

  • Black Friday: Monitor & Optimize

  • Post Black Friday: Reflect & Retain

As a bonus, you'll find our BFCM Recommendation Stack on tools and platforms that will help you scale your customer services, retention marketing, and personalization efforts.

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