Tips For Using Klaviyo to Collect More Customer Emails

Tips For Using Klaviyo to Collect More Customer Emails Popups Avex banner
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by: John Surdakowski03/26/2021

Quick Summary Building your email subscriber list is one of the most valuable things you can do for your brand and marketing efforts. Keeping up with modern techniques can help you grow that subscriber list with ease. The problem is learning how to collect emails without turning off customers.

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Website popups are one of the simplest, cleanest, and most effective ways to get your customers turned into subscribers. Below is everything you need to know about collecting emails with popups without any hassle. 

What Is a Website Popup?

People who have been online since the early 2000s often have an instinctive wariness toward the term “popup.” However, website popups are much different from the annoying and dangerous popup ads of the past.

Modern popups are small forms that are built into a webpage that “pop up” to do something, like ask for a user’s email. They’re intentional aspects of web design, and they have an important place in modern websites.

Why? Because these new popups are the best way to grow your email list, hands down. One study found that using popups is 400% more effective than using embedded forms. The same content in a popup can generate four times more email subscriptions than that content in a form on the side of the page. 

Popups don’t have to be aggressive to get their job done, either. They’re infinitely customizable. You can set them to appear anywhere on the page, at any size, and adjust the timing of when they appear. You can even select which market segments will see which popups, so returning users won’t get urged to sign up for the first time. 

Of course, this customization should be done with a plan. With tools like Klaviyo’s powerful built-in popup builder, you can A/B test your site’s popups to see what’s most effective. Over time, you can refine your site until each popup is effectively placed and timed without getting in the way of functionality. 

"You want your email list to be your core customers. Successful email programs on average attribute ~25% of total sales and the best way to get those customers is through a pop-up." -Morgan Mulloy, Email Marketing Manager at Avex Designs

What Are the Types of Popups?

There are four fundamental types of website popups you can implement, depending on the needs of your site and how much attention you want to attract. You can also set up multiple popups on the same page that will trigger at different times or in different circumstances. Choosing the right types of popups can help you get the attention you want, where you want it. 

Lightbox Popups 

The popup you’re likely most familiar with is the lightbox popup. These are boxes that appear in the middle of your webpage screen that appear brighter than the background. The website may actively gray out or blur the rest of the page to make it impossible to miss the lightbox. These are excellent for bringing in new customers or drawing attention to brand new offers. 

Side Popups

A slightly more subtle offering that still attracts attention is the side popup. It is displayed like a chatbox, generally popping up in the lower right corner. Most side popups don’t block out the main content of a page, but still, take up screen real estate to attract attention. 

Bar Popups 

If you want to target regular visitors or keep the focus on important content, you can use bar popups. These are thin toolbar-style popups at the top or bottom of the screen that follows the user as they scroll through the page. These keep your request visible without becoming annoying. 

Calls to Action 

If you want to add a specific, tailored popup to the site, you can add one as a call to action (CTA). These popups only appear if the user clicks some linked text. Adding a CTA popup to text like “sign up today” helps make the subscription process as smooth as possible

What Are Some Best Practices for Using Popups?

Beyond choosing the right style of popup for each page, you can follow some other popup best practices to ensure that you make the most of your efforts. 

Offer Something in Exchange

Your popup can include an offer on a product, a contest entry, or simply long-term general value from the site. Just make it clear when collecting emails with popups that your customers will get something in exchange for giving you their information, or they won’t have a reason to sign up. 

Match the Design to the Rest of the Site

Some brands lean into attention-grabbing, stand-out advertising—while others are more subtle. Place and design your popup so it fits the feel of your brand as a whole. 

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Make Your CTA Clear

The popup won’t work if it’s not clear what you’re asking customers to do. Make sure that it has a clear CTA and that the button is easy to spot. 

Use A/B testing to Track Your Best Ideas

You won’t find the perfect location or CTA on your first try. You can use A/B testing to try out different timing, wording, and pages for your popups to learn what is most effective at drawing in new subscribers. 

Make Sure Customers Can Decline Politely

Even the best popup won’t convince every customer. Give the popup an obvious exit method, like an X button or polite copy so they can decline. Making your popup too pushy can push potential subscribers away, instead of convincing them to join. When a popup is easy to decline, they may be more likely to say yes in the future.

How Can Klaviyo Make It Easy to Use Popups on Your Site?

You can do all of these best practices and more with Klaviyo’s seamless website popup builder. Use the tool to quickly and easily integrate popups for collecting emails to your site while keeping your brand aesthetics strong. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with other email marketing apps. Instead, Klaviyo takes care of all your email marketing needs in one place. 

You already have an amazing product and a beautiful website, so it’s time to make sure people are seeing it. Growing your email list will drive more traffic to your site and in turn increase revenue. Collecting emails with popups can be as simple as using the right tool.

There’s never been a more effective method of building your email subscriber lists. With website popups and email marketing platforms like Klaviyo, you can start collecting emails more quickly than ever before.

Whether you’re just starting the collection process or you want to make sure you haven’t missed any potential subscribers, website popups can help you ensure you’re reaching the widest possible audience. 

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