Top 10 Shopify Stores

Top 10 Shopify Stores of 2018
by: Morgan C10/22/2018

Quick Summary We've compiles a list of the top 10 shopify stores. Here are some of the best shopify store website designs. From fashion, beauty and everything inbetween.

The e-commerce platform, Shopify, brags millions of different retailers. But, not all online stores are created equal. Below is a list of the Top 10 Shopify Store website designs, and what you can do to improve your own.

10. BlackMilk Clothing

BlackMilk Clothing is an Australian retailer that specializes in creating wearable art. Like their clothing, the website’s eye-catching design utilizes bright colors and draws consumers in immediately. Not to mention, their use of Shopify plugins makes the purchasing experience run seamlessly.

A few things BlackMilk does particularly well:

  • Countdown clock for when their newest collection drops

  • A “Shop Our Instagram” section

  • Ability to heart a product once you sign in to your account

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

9. Tattly Temporary Tattoos

Tattly Temporary Tattoos provides consumers the ability to “test out a tattoo”. Their try-before-you-buy business model is a unique opportunity to try having an otherwise permanent tattoo.

A few things Tattly Temporary Tattoos does particularly well:

  • Photos of what the tattoo looks like on someone’s skin once you click on a specific product

  • Application tutorial videos that show you how to apply the tattoos

  • Option to share a product on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter

  • “Gift Guide” that automatically bundles tattoos for different categories of people (girls, teens, children, creatives, etc.)

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

8. Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is an online phone case retailer that creates fun and unique iPhone cases. You just choose the type of iPhone you have, and Zero Gravity shows you every case they have that will fit.

A few things Zero Gravity does particularly well:

  • When you hover your mouse over a case, it zooms in
  • Pictures that show consumers the front and back of a product
  • Review section underneath each product
  • Related items list to upsell
  • Sale section that shows how much the price of certain items has been reduced using a black slash mark
  • Automatic 20% off pop-up when you sign up for their mailing list

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

7. Sir.

Sir. is a boutique retailer that utilizes visual aesthetic campaigns to sell their clothing. From the moment the consumer opens the website, they are drawn in by the interesting mix of multimedia the brand employs.

A few things Sir. does particularly well:

  • Mixture of colorful photos and videos on the front page
  • “Shop Our Instagram” section where the consumer has the option to buy items that have been featured on the brand’s Instagram page
  • “Shop Collections” section where you can browse through the visually pleasing photoshoots for each season’s collection
  • Ability to see the clothing from all angles when you hover your mouse over each product

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

6. Triangl Swimwear

Triangl Swimwear is an online-only swimwear line that prioritizes social media marketing above all. Their Instagram page constantly shows up on “best pages to follow” lists and their influencers are promoted on the website.

A few things Triangl does particularly well:

  • Colorful photo slideshow on the front page that showcases their new products
  • Chat now function where consumers have the option to speak to an AI bot
  • “Triangl Girls” page with photos and social media handles for all of their models
  • Ability to hover over a product and the ad campaign it belongs to pops up
  • Simple, clean interface (it’s difficult to get lost!)
  • Size guide broken up by country for both tops and bottoms

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

5. Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic is a luxury electronics retailer that specializes in user experience. Their easy-to-navigate site has both a multitude of products and interesting articles for the consumer to enjoy.

A few things Master & Dynamic does particularly well:

  • Slideshow of featured holiday products at the very top of the front page
  • Holiday ad campaign video directly underneath the featured products
  • Ability to see the products in different colors by hovering your mouse over color swatches
  • Product photos that show every angle (including on people!)
  • Close up diagrams with lines that point to each piece of the product and tells you what it is and its function (ex: premium leather headband, controls, lambskin ear pads, etc.)
  • Slideshow of individual reviews from reputable places on the front page (Financial Times, Wired, and Engadget)
  • Graphic that shows consumers exactly what comes in the box they will receive
  • Blog that features posts about art, music, creative spotlights, and technology

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

4. NCLA Beauty

NCLA Beauty is a Los Angeles-based retailer that yields vegan & cruelty-free makeup and beauty products. Not only do they produce an ethical product, but the brand additionally has multiple celebrity endorsement deals — including Beyonce, Kourtney Kardashian, Willow Smith, and more!

A few things NCLA Beauty does particularly well:

  • “Instashop” section where you can shop the looks the brand posts on Instagram
  • Nail polish tutorial videos
  • “Pro Lounge” that offers professional resources and special deals if you are a licensed beauty professional
  • Product photos that show the casing, swatches, and the item being worn
  • “About Us” section that features photos, bios, and favorite NCLA products for the founder and COO
  • Eye-catching infographic that paints the chronological timeline of the brand
  • Rotating board of places their products have been featured
  • List that shows photos and favorite colors for all the celebrities that wear NCLA products

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

3. Sugarfina

Famed candy boutique, Sugarfina, has a website that looks just as sweet as its candy tastes. Born from the idea that “kids shouldn’t have all the fun,” founders Rosie and Josh strive to make the online purchasing experience just as magical as walking into the brick and mortar store. In fact, the entire idea of Sugarfina was inspired by Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

A few things Sugarfina does particularly well:

  • “Build Your Own” holiday bento box option that allows users to fill a box with different candies and then see how it will look when it arrives
  • Ability to break down candies by type, color, dietary needs, country of origin, and price range
  • Automatic loading system that allows consumers to continue scrolling instead of clicking through multiple pages of products
  • “Share the Sweetness” button that encourages reposting products on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Drop down menus for each product that provides dietary information, nutrition facts, and ingredients
  • “Want More?” section underneath each product that strives to upsell consumers
  • Zoomed in look at each individual product when you hover your mouse over them
  • Colorful infographic that tells the story of how Sugarfina came to be

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

2. Kylie Cosmetics

The cosmetic brand founded by Kylie Jenner is known for “lip kits” and selling out of products in minutes. Kylie’s business model is to promote scarcity, but her website is the exact opposite. In contrast, it is a bright, colorful, and fun experience from start to finish.

A few things Kylie Cosmetics does particularly well:

  • “Kylie’s Favorites” page that suggests the products Kylie likes
  • The default product photos are of the lip colors actually being worn
  • Hover feature that allows buyers to see color swatches just by moving their mouse over the product
  • Eye catching stickers that advertise “best value” and “Kylie’s favorites” on certain products
  • “Kylie’s Looks” page that tells buyers what makeup to purchase in order to recreate a look that Kylie had previously worn
  • Ability to buy “looks” Kylie has worn in makeup bundles
  • “Complete the look” option that walks buyers through exactly what they need to add to their cart in order to recreate a Kylie makeup look

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

top 10 shopify stores of 2018

1. Negative Underwear

Negative Underwear is a women’s underwear brand that advertises “keeping the essentials and ditching the rest”. Like their mission statement, their website is minimalistic while being incredibly informative and user-friendly.

A few things Negative Underwear does particularly well:

  • “What Size Am I” guide that walks users through how to measure themselves in preparation for purchase

  • A bar showcasing their five most recent Instagram posts

  • “Worth the Wait” section that allows you to input your email address and be put on a waitlist for items that sell out quickly

  • “Cheatsheet” section that points consumers towards the type of underwear to buy for specific problems they face (ex: coverage, comfort, etc.)

  • “Kits” page where the brand sells underwear in packs of 3 and then tells you how much you’ll save by buying a kit rather than individual garments

  • Blog containing photo series and branded hashtags for each collection

  • Minimalist user interface that focuses the attention of the consumer on the product

    top 10 shopify stores

    top 10 shopify stores

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know what successful Shopify stores are doing to stand out from the crowd, you can employ some of the same strategies on your own site. If you're looking to improve the UX design & developmentfor your Shopify website, contact us and let's see if we can help!

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