User Generated Content: What It Is & When To Use It

UGC what it is & when to use it
by: David Anzalone07/13/2020

Quick Summary User Generated Content (UGC) is a great tool to strengthen your brand’s offerings and build loyal customers with higher LTVs. We break down what entails UGC and when brands should use it.

What is UGC?

User Generated Content is any piece of organic content published online. For brands, UGC is often created by its fans and enthusiasts. It’s an effective strategy to strengthen your brand’s offerings and build loyal customers with higher LTVs.

UGC nearly any brand can focus on:

  • Social Content
  • Reviews & Testimonials

Social Content

When customers post about your brand, it can increase authenticity and trust in the eye of potential customers.

Motivate to Create

  • Use email flows or SMS to convince customers to post photos or videos using hashtags specific to your brand.
  • Use social content as organic campaigns to support events like new product launches.


  • Yopto
  • SocialPhotos
  • Pixlee

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews are a crucial purchase factor to over 80% of online consumers. Tools like Smile and Yotpo can automate collection, while tools like Yotpo and Bazaarvoice are great for syndication for omnichannel brands.

Testimonials are great UGC outside of product pages. You can take them directly from written reviews or use an email flow to ask users to add more detailed thoughts.


  • Yopto
  • Bazaarvoice

When to Use

Many newer brands shy away from UGC because they don’t think they have the customer base for it. While it’s true certain strategies are best saved after establishing brand loyalty, it’s never too early to start.

Younger brands should start with:

  • Collecting Reviews and Testimonials
  • Incentivizing users to post on social or resharing with permission

Seasoned Brands can better leverage:

  • Ambassador Programs
  • Contests

How Does Your Brand Use Content?

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