Growth-X: CRO Audit for Conversion Rate Optimization

The Growth-X CRO audit is an in-depth review of your ecommerce website, focused on optimizing conversions, reviewing analytics, and improving UX.

Avex CRO Audit
The CRO Audit
  • Brand Workshop
  • Explore Key Problems & Goals
  • Behavior Analytics Analysis
  • Conversion & UX Site Review
  • SaaS Recommendations
About The CRO Audit

We’re currently looking for high-growth brands that would be a good fit for our Growth-X CRO Audit Program. For qualifying brands, we’re offering an in-depth website audit with one of our e-commerce strategists. The two-week sprint is focused on optimizing your website for conversions, reviewing analytics and improving UX.

The fee for this program is straight forward: $2,500 for the CRO Audit, and we’ll credit the entire amount towards a monthly support plan if you work with us on at least a three-month retainer.

The Results
  • Predictable & Measurable Results
  • Actionable Priority List
  • Accurately Forecast Investment
  • Support Recommendations
  • Consulting & Presentation

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