Ferko's Fine Jewelry

Branding Refresh for Luxury Jewellery Brand, Ferko’s, on Shopify Plus.

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Armed with ambition, family jeweling tradition, and a love of aesthetics, Ferko's Fine Jewellery took its sketches direct to the hand of consumers worldwide by establishing an online presence. From its humble beginnings on Etsy to launching its own Shopify store, the brand’s core focus was more on the product and less on the brand - a strategy that instantly limited the brand’s scalability in a market that is becoming more saturated and competitive by the day.

Ferko's turned to Avex to help with reverse-engineering their brand, fine-tuning their tone of voice, rediscovering their core value proposition and applying their new branding refresh on their Shopify Store and across their marketing communications.

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In today’s market, having an online presence doesn’t guarantee eminence. Brand value is the guiding light. Therefore, Avex’s approach to Ferko’s rebranding project focused on bridging the gap between the brand and its community, all while identifying market disparities to further help the brand stand out.

To differentiate Ferko’s in the fine jewelry industry and help the brand move at the speed of culture, it was crucial for Avex to think beyond simply defining brand values and beliefs; we deployed our creative team to redefine the brand’s positioning, tone of voice, look and feel as well as developing brand guidelines that were then activated in all brand communications including their Shopify Storefront, their social media channels and Klaviyo email marketing. Our goal was to create a purchase experience where each moment stands out.

Elevated Branding

Luxury is an experience, even more, when it involves shopping for special occasions. Given the nature of Ferko’s offering, a reflective and experiential identity was bound to be embedded in every corner of the brand. From carefully choosing the neutral color palette and serif typeface to selecting a new mobile-friendly Shopify Plus theme, and even redesigning the brand’s logo, our creative team purposely evoked a sense of timelessness while striking a balance between sophistication and delicacy.

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Redefining the visual language

To further amplify Ferko’s visual language, Avex provided Ferko’s with photography guidelines that capture viewers’ sentiments with closeups of the products and the details behind their charm. Therefrom, our team took an impartial role in the selection of the images for Ferko’s top-performing products.

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Activating the brand strategy through experience design

Once the brand strategy was established, it had to be activated across every element of the web experience. Copywriters at Avex brought a more human element to the communication and ensured the messaging highlighted the brand’s personality, the product descriptions showcased unique product attributes that drive consideration and conversions, the blog forgathered informational content for customers, and the experience focused on the personalized and custom orders that Ferko’s offer.

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A storefront that sells through storytelling

Coming from a family of jewelers, Ferko’s founders had gold and diamonds running in their veins. They had a seldom-told story to tell. Accordingly, we set off to refresh the Shopify Plus storefront to not only be a product discovery site, but also an immersive experience that acted like a brand hub. We ensured that the brand’s story, which ultimately enlighted its strong positioning, was reflected all throughout the customer journey up to conversion.

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Optimized Shopify Plus store

A high-growth merchant, like Ferko’s, needs a high-growth solution. Correspondingly, the UX strategy team at Avex devised new product navigation systems and collection filters to boost discoverability. In parallel to that, the development team focused on addressing the client’s existing pain points including low website speed, the inflexibility of featuring different content types on product pages, and mobile friendliness. The optimized site is to positively impact usability, performance, and sequentially, conversions.

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The Relationship

Through iterative collaboration with the brand, Avex owned internal and external processes to address pressing needs and long-term growth opportunities. The result was a concerted partnership that is built on mutual missions, encourages ongoing optimization and fosters the delivery of key objectives with exceeding expectations.

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