Kit and Ace

Migrating Apparel Brand, Kit and Ace, from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Plus

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  • Technical Discovery
  • Platform Migration
  • Design
  • Development
  • Saas Integrations
  • International Expansion

Facing crippling platform costs, limited agility, and time-consuming development that hinders their brand’s growth, Kit and Ace approached Avex wanting to re-platform from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Plus.

Kit and Ace is a Canadian brand, known for creating apparel with unparalleled comfort, technical function, and pops of optimism. Those brand pillars along with other strategic and technical considerations had to live across the brand’s eCommerce presence.

Saas Integrations
  • Shopify Plus
  • Elevar
  • Klarna
  • Returnly
  • Okendo
  • Avalara
  • Netsuite Connector
  • Gorgias
  • Klaviyo

During the technical discovery phase, the Avex team learned more about Kit and Ace’s pain points that were exacerbated by an overly complex eCommerce platform, limited scalability and flexibility, as well as lack of localization capabilities. All of this ultimately guided the decision to migrate the brand to Shopify Plus - a highly customizable platform with a strong partner ecosystem, internationalization capabilities, unlimited bandwidth, and an intuitive backend system that allows the brand to channel its focus on growth versus the tech.

In order to achieve the brand’s business and brand goals, Avex utilized core Shopify Plus features as well as best-in-class systems integrations.

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Inspiring Product Discovery

As we helped the brand establish its new mark on Shopify Plus, we placed equal emphasis on optimizing the customer journey. Our team of UX strategists and designers worked diligently to revamp the site navigation, creating a seamless experience for visitors. Additionally, we flexed the brand's product discovery capabilities by introducing an inspiring "Shop the Look" module, enhancing the overall browsing experience for users.

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Refining Product Presentation

Driven by the themes of exploration, fun, and optimism, we embarked on a revitalization of the brand's product details pages to align with its core ethos. By integrating features such as in-store availability information, size guides, a recommendation section, and clear product details, we created a seamless browsing experience for Kit and Ace site visitors. This enabled them to make informed purchase decisions and provided a visual representation of the product and its fabrication in context, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

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Setting the Foundation for a Seamless Migration

By leveraging our team’s extensive expertise in secure and seamless platform migrations, we supported the brand’s move from SSFC to Shopify Plus by mapping data sets to Shopify Fields. We then continued to provide assistance with the entire migration process and conducted heavy testing to ensure all of the client’s data is properly migrated.

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Connecting Netsuite ERP to Shopify

To further enable operational efficiency once the migration was finalized, the Avex team wanted to ensure that orders, fulfillments, and inventory levels are well synced across systems. To do so, we worked with the brand on contracting Celigo to customize their Netsuite connector to Shopify Plus.

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Supporting International Expansion With Shopify Markets

One key goal for Kit and Ace was to simplify their expansion to other markets and cater to different currencies. Naturally, Shopify Markets was the chosen solution to serve multiple markets through a unique storefront, allowing the brand to consolidate its data management efforts. Additionally, our development team applied custom duty rules to solidify the brand’s internationalization efforts further.

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Enabling Buy Online Pick up in Store

One key feature Kit and Ace wanted to start offering was BOPIS. The team at Avex enabled a real-time check of inventory across all of Kit and Ace’s locations and integrated with Stofind to display the inventory information to the brand’s customers on the product page, taking into account specific geolocation restrictions.

Change Management

In order for the client to make the most of their new eCommerce platform, our team provided extensive training to support change management - guiding the brand’s team through replicated and sophisticated functionalities which Avex had built custom rules, conditions, and exclusions for.

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Unlocking a Future of Opportunities

Not only did we smoothly launch Kit and Ace’s Shopify Plus storefront on time and within budget, but our team has also managed to elevate the website’s design while sticking to Kit and Ace’s brand guidelines. The change was subtle - but impactful. Throughout the process, we maintained a collaborative relationship with the client, allowing us to pointedly address their pain points and see positive results that validate our approach to platform migration.

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