NAKEDCASHMERE's Luxury Shopify Plus Redesign and Elevated Merchandising

  • Full Site Design
  • Development
  • Algolia Integration
  • Creative Direction
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • SEO

California-based NAKEDCASHMERE, a luxury direct-to-consumer brand on Shopify Plus, is renowned for its environmentally conscious, high-quality cashmere. With sustainability and social responsibility as core values, the brand prioritizes simplicity, timeless design, and transparent sourcing.

In response to the ever-changing luxury landscape, NAKEDCASHMERE engaged Avex to rejuvenate its brand, with a goal to deliver a more sophisticated and upscale user experience. Additionally, they sought to enhance their search and merchandising tools.

Tech Integrations
  • Dynamic Yield
  • Algolia
  • Klaviyo
  • Wishlist Plus
  • Elevar

Avex partnered with NAKEDCASHMERE to create a Shopify Plus experience that is not only user-friendly but also irresistibly attention-grabbing. Our approach leveraged the power of intuition and deep insights to shape a luxurious brand encounter that sparks inspiration, strengthens relationships, and represents the brand’s unique value proposition.

From delving into e-commerce discovery and envisioning the brand’s new Shopify Plus experience to swift design, prototyping, and deployment, our team embarked on redefining the concept of a transformative experience. One that seamlessly merges shopping, storytelling, utility, and personalization to usher in a new era of luxury retail.


Encouraging Exploration Through Elevated UX

NAKEDCASHEME's digital storefront has undergone a complete makeover for enhanced convenience. In our pursuit to convert browsers into purchasers, we embarked on a reevaluation of the brand’s sales funnel. Our focus was on harmonizing engagement and product exploration to elevate conversion rates and cultivate brand loyalty.

The website now caters to diverse purchase paths, allowing users to follow routes aligned with their preferences and considerations. A refined search feature and product filters spotlight relevant products, while SEO-friendly content enriches product knowledge, contributing to a more informed and satisfying shopping journey.


Our collaboration with NAKEDCASHMERE successfully unlocked its complete potential, focusing on amplifying the brand's emotional connection and underscoring product excellence. Despite a challenging timeline, our team closely partnered with the client to adopt a phased approach. This strategic process resulted in the delivery of an enhanced Shopify Plus experience, one that not only delighted the brand's customers but also empowered the client with efficient content management capabilities.

Avex remains dedicated to bolstering NAKEDCASHMERE's online presence and ensuring a seamless and rewarding customer experience. This commitment is evident through our ongoing conversion rate optimization support.