Wolf & Shepherd

This hybrid footwear brand is taking huge strides with a fully optimized email marketing strategy that produced a 20% increase in open rates.

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  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Flow Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Campaign Development
  • Analytics
  • Reporting

Wolf & Shepherd is a men’s shoe company created as a no-fuss solution for professionals seeking both style and comfort. Goaled at combining athletic innovations with timeless designs, they promise footwear that’s crafted to perform— day in and day out. In 2021, a new initiative took form to hit the ground running by utilizing intuitive A/B testing to yield more calculated email decisions.

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To develop a deeper understanding of their audience and perpetuate the brand’s individual tone, we began by implementing segmented email campaigns geared at bolstering open rates and removing unengaged contacts.

A/B testing was key in allowing for a more in-depth understanding of who their customers were and what they responded to. Personalization, specificity, vague descriptions, and character length of subject lines were measured against one another to determine the most effective results.

  • +20%

    Increase in Open Rate

  • +41%

    Click Rate Increase

  • +88%

    Increase in Attribution

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Concise Copywriting

Bold copy messaging cultivated an increase in sales.

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Design Elements

Eye-catching creative designs were configured for all mobile devices to ensure a cohesive experience.

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Innovative Templates

Easy-flow templates fostered far-reaching awareness for the footwear brand.

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40% Revenue Increase YOY

Our optimizations and deliberate messaging strategies lead to a 40% increase year-over-year.

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