10 Best CPG Brands On Shopify

10 Best CPG Brands on Shopify Banner
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by: Holly Kuldell05/11/2021

Quick Summary Out of the 1,700,000 businesses worldwide on Shopify, which CPG brands stick out as the top 10? Read more to find out.

Some of the top CPG brands in the world use Shopify for their online stores. As a Shopify user, CPG customer, or curious e-commerce onlooker, you may be wondering which of your favorite companies run their e-commerce shops with Shopify. 

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CPG Definition 

CPG stands for Consumer Packaged Goods and is used to describe products that have to be replaced every so often due to their daily/weekly use. Examples include food, clothing, and beauty products. 

The opposite would be considered durable goods, which are more expensive products that are intended to last for many years. Cars, furniture, and electronics are all considered durable goods. 

Why Are CPG Brands Important?

During the pandemic, CPG sales in the US increased by $8.5B. With people spending 2020 staying home and keeping a very similar daily schedule, it’s safe to say they were looking for products that spark joy in their everyday quarantine lives. In fact, Shopify reported a 40% sales growth for CPG brands by 2021. If there ever was a time to be aware of the CPG e-commerce industry, it’s now. 

Here’s our list of the top 10 CPG brands on Shopify based on various elements such as recent revenue and sales reports. 

Nestlé’s Nescafe

Coming in first with a whopping $90.8 billion in revenue last year, the instant coffee brand started selling its products in 1938. Their first factory was and still is in Switzerland creating products like single packets and full jars of dark roast, hazelnut, and classic decaf coffee. 

Nescafe Screen Shot 2021

Red Bull GmbH

The energy drink distributor also holds extreme sporting events, produces TV shows, and sponsors many athletes along with selling consumable products. In 2020, the company sold 7.9 billion cans of Red Bull worldwide. 

Red Bull Screen Shot 2021

PepsiCo Inc’s PantryShop.com and Snacks.com

PepsiCo’s two direct-to-consumer sites were launched during the pandemic to create a safe and easy way to distribute their products. This idea and their choice to use Shopify are a few reasons why the company’s revenue came out to $70.4 billion in 2020. 

Pantry Shop Screen Shot 2021

Kraft Heinz Company

Similar to PepsiCo, Heinz wanted to create a website consolidating all of the different types of foods they sell in order to get customers to purchase while staying home. Even before the era of quarantining and constant hand washing, the company was thriving, making $25 billion in net sales in 2019. 

Kraft Screen Shot 2021


Launched in 2004, Morphe started out as a small unknown retailer for professional yet affordable makeup, specifically made for beauty influencers and creators. Morphe now sells products from 29 different makeup brands via their Shopify Plus site and currently has an impressive 10.8 million followers on their Instagram page. 

Morphe Screen Shot 2021

KKW Beauty

In 2017, celebrity Kim Kardashian created her own cosmetics line, not long after being named a Forbes billionaire. The KKW Beauty and Fragrance products sold out in mere minutes after first launching, and continue to do so during their annual sales. 

KKW Beauty Screen Shot 2021

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Although Allbirds has many stores around the world in cities like Seattle, London, and Berlin, the sneaker brand knew they needed a strong online presence. The company was created to produce shoes using a sustainable wool fabric, and their founder did just that. Since then, Allbirds has been written about in Bloomberg Business, Forbes, and TIME magazine. 

Allbirds Shopify Screen Shot 2021


Bombas is not just any sock brand. Since they launched in 2014, they committed to donating a pair of socks for each pair purchased to people affected by homelessness. They even made sure to create socks that last long between washes so those who don’t have access to clean laundry can be more comfortable. Bombas has donated 47.9 million pairs of socks as of 2021. 

Bombas Screen Shot 2021

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is popular for its array of handbags, clothing, and accessories. This fashion brand launched in 2009 and is now creating over $100 million in revenue. Company Founder Rebecca Minkoff also started the Female Founder Collective in 2018 to create a thriving network of powerful and successful businesswomen.

Rebecca Minkoff Screen Shot 2021


Founded by teenager Ben Francis in 2012 from his garage, Gymshark is now one of the most popular brands that use Shopify, especially when it comes to athletic apparel. With both men's and women's clothing lines, the company created $58 million in revenue in 2019. Making Gymshark 10th on our list of popular CPG brands.

Gymshark Screen Shot 2021

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