Top 5 Customer Service Apps For Shopify

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by: Holly Kuldell04/26/2021

Quick Summary Digital retail is becoming more and more integrated into everyday consumers’ lives. In 2020 alone, the U.S. e-commerce industry grew by 44%, driving more than $860 billion in sales. ‌

With competition increasing every day, it’s critical to prioritize excellent customer service. Consumers simply have more choices than ever right at their fingertips. When customer service doesn’t meet their expectations, more than half will back out of an intended purchase. ‌

From email to social media and live chat, people expect immediate, seamless interactions no matter how they get in touch with your business. Managing this range of touchpoints complicates delivering a great customer experience, but today's top customer service apps for Shopify stores offer streamlined solutions. 

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Best Customer Service Apps for Shopify

These Shopify apps leverage service automation, simplifying the path to revenue-boosting customer satisfaction. But their returns go beyond better sales and loyalty rates. 

Omnichannel insights power a better understanding of your target market. That means you can create a more personalized, cohesive buying experience — extending your reach and keeping customers coming back for more. 


The Gorgias app doesn’t just coordinate all communication channels in one space. It automatically organizes each customer’s full story, including their purchase history, subscription information, and delivery details. 

Its features ease your team’s workflow as well by:

  • Automating responses to frequently asked questions

  • Spotting engagement opportunities and proactively triggering personalized live chat support

  • Tracking comprehensive sales data to measure impacts

Prices start at $50 per month after a seven-day free trial.


With its new messaging tools, Zendesk enhances customer service efficiency. The app captures all communication — and an individual’s data — in one place. It has the versatility for representatives to keep a conversation going across multiple channels with no gaps in continuity. ‌

This provides a more organic customer experience while enhancing your team’s productivity. Other Zendesk features amplify this effect even more with:

  • Live chat AI that alerts agents when a customer is about to leave your site 

  • Automated responses to high-frequency tickets

  • Forum software that transforms your customers into a loyal community — and offers insight into their pain points

Prices start at $49 per month after a 30-day free trial.‌

Great customer service is about more than providing on-the-fly solutions. empowers your business to pre-empt consumer needs with surveys that:

  • Offer deeper insights into customer satisfaction 

  • Reveal buying trends among different market segments

  • Spot potential problems before they escalate‌

Thanks to features like automatic survey optimization, smart follow-ups, and availability in 25 languages, you get access to more data you can actually use. On average,'s surveys field response rates up to 10 times greater than typical Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys.  

Prices start at $50 per month after a 10-day free trial. 


UVdesk automatically converts inquiries from any outreach channel into service tickets. The platform then empowers faster, coordinated responses through:

  • Access to full customer details embedded into each service ticket

  • Saved replies to resolve routine questions

  • A curated brand knowledge base — and an integrated AI librarian bot — to reduce support demand

UVdesk’s features are also highly customizable, and it’s compatible with third-party apps and email service providers.  

Choose from a free package or access premium features from $11 per month. 

Product Questions & Answers

The Product Questions & Answers plug-in is custom-built for enhancing your product pages' conversion potential. The easy-to-use tool notifies you when a question is asked about a product. When you respond, answers are automatically populated into a customizable FAQ section.‌

This seamless Q&A integration reduces the burden on your support agents while:

  • Improving your web page’s SEO, driving more search traffic

  • Reducing bounce rates caused by insufficient information, improving conversions

  • Offering insights to spot content gaps and optimize product descriptions

The basic platform is free, with optional upgrades available from $2 per month.

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