Avex is Hosting a Webinar with Klaviyo, Okendo, and Gorgias

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by: Holly Kuldell10/21/2021

Quick Summary Want to improve customer experience and retention for your eCommerce brand going into BFCM 2021? Register for our webinar!

As we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, focusing on customer experience is more important than ever. Our team wanted to give merchants the chance to thrive this winter (and beyond) with tips on improving customer experience and customer retention, so we put together a virtual roundtable event featuring some of the best minds in eCommerce.

Join us Wednesday, October 27th at 1pm ET for a fireside chat followed by a Q&A with employees from Klaviyo (Email Marketing), Gorgias (Customer Service), Okendo (Reviews and UGC), and Avex’s CEO and Founder. These three SaaS products are guaranteed to expand your business via their different avenues, and all easily tie in with customer experience. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to retain Black Friday and Cyber Monday customers, tools to use for creating a great customer experience, tips on using reviews to retain customers, and the best email flows for customer experience. Register for the event here!

Learn more about the speakers below.

John Circle

John Surdakowski

John is the Founder & CEO at Avex, a New York City based creative, technology and eCommerce optimization agency for extraordinary brands.  In 2015, he started growing his freelance business into a boutique digital agency, with focus on fashion, lifestyle and premium products. John loves working with other creatives, building my team and taking on new challenges.

Lizzie circle

Lizzie Nirenberg

Lizzie is Klaviyo's Senior Manager of Ecosystem Marketing and has been with the company for more than 3 years. Lizzie is a creative at heart and has spent the entirety of her career in either partnerships or brand roles (or both) in the technology industry. She loves finding unique ways to promote the value of partnerships to customers, industry experts, and if we’re being honest, anyone who will listen. When she’s not coming up with content or creative ideas for the next co-marketing initiative, Lizzie loves trying new recipes in the kitchen and spending time outdoors with her chocolate lab, Maisie.

Nicole Circle

Nicole Baqai

Nicole manages strategic partnerships for Gorgias in the East Coast Region of North America. Prior to joining Gorgias, she worked at a technology and hospitality startup that was focused on reimagining the mini-bar and gift shops at hotels for the modern day traveler. She worked with a multitude of brands to engage them in both wholesale and retail opportunities whilst also launching their own online Shopify store and retail store at a world renowned boutique hotel chain in Los Angeles. She loves working with brands and helping them find automated solutions to drive brand-awareness and attract more consumers.

Luis Circle

Luis Espinal

Luis is an Agency Partner Manager at Okendo, a Shopify Plus Certified App for customer product reviews and user-generated content. He’s a native New Yorker based in Brooklyn and a martial arts enthusiast. Luis has been in the ecommerce industry for over 6 years working from both a digital agency and brand standpoint. 

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