Case Study: Headless Commerce Leads to 300% Increase in Conversions for OneBlade

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by: John Surdakowski08/19/2021

Quick Summary This men’s razors brand came to Avex looking to switch to Headless Commerce. With the help of Shogun Frontend and Shopify, we were able to increase subscriptions and average order value while decreasing page load time.

OneBlade Shave is a men’s razor company that creates sleek, modern products meant to last a lifetime. Their simple, luxurious razors are guaranteed to eliminate irritation and ensure a barbershop feel every time. 10 years ago, the founder set out to produce razors that make you change the way you feel about shaving—he has done just that and more with OneBlade.

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The Ask

OneBlade engaged Avex to reinvent their Shopify Plus store by taking a Headless Commerce approach. The brand required a solution that checked all the boxes for a high-performing, extremely fast, and seamless user-experience, with an immersive content experience. 

Furthermore, the hosting had to be on a headless platform integrated with multiple third-party applications. 

Although conversions and increasing subscriptions was high-priority, the brand also wanted a content-rich experience, including animations and motion effects.

Our Solution

The Avex team took a deep dive into the client’s website and analytics, uncovering opportunities to increase conversions, AOV, and subscriptions. However, we really wanted to ensure the user-experience and overall design would work well in a headless environment. Before breaking ground on developing the headless website, we created a content model.

This process involved condensing content types and creating a more cohesive design system. After our design system was fine-tuned, we dove into Shogun’s Headless product, Shogun Frontend. The SaaS product allowed us to create robust content types as well as integrations with ReCharge, Klaviyo, Yotpo, and others.

"After implementing Shogun Frontend, sales have shifted towards our higher-end razors, which confirms we’re now able to deliver high-converting, high-end user experiences. We're already seeing a year-over-year increase in average order value. No other changes we've made to our business have even come close to that kind of an impact in such a short period of time." - Josh Nash, OneBlade’s Chief Marketing Officer

Headless Commerce

We leveraged the power of Shogun to achieve a “sub-second” page load shopping experience using progressive web app technology. Our headless approach allowed the brand to provide an insanely fast user-experience for their customers. 

This helped dramatically improve conversions, especially on mobile, where most of their customers are browsing.

OneBlade home

Increasing AOV with Upsells

Adding cross-sells that complimented the customer's product choice to the mini-cart, our team helped increase OneBlade’s AOV by 30.1%. 

The mini-cart and add-to-cart function triggers extremely fast, giving the custom more of an “app-like” experience.

OneBlade minicart

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Skyrocketing Subscriptions

Razors are one of the many products out there that are perfect for the subscription model. After launching the new Headless Shopify Plus Website, OneBlade’s subscriptions soared, going from 206 to 1,398 in just three months. 

We completely rethought the user-experience around subscriptions on the PDP, allowing customers to purchase both products and razor blade refills.

OneBlade subscriptions

Control Over Content

Updating content and quickly deploying landing pages was imperative to the OneBlade’s marketing initiatives. 

Utilizing Shogun Frontend, we were able to create custom content modules, giving the client site power to add, remove, reorder, and manage content for every page and section.

Oneblade blogs

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our team surpassed OneBlade’s expectations with a 300% conversion rate increase due to the increase in page speed and seamless user-experience. Our developers created reusable React components to produce a high-performing and lightning-fast headless commerce experience.

OneBlade UX

Final Results

  • 300% Increase in Conversions

  • 83% Decrease in Page to Page Load Time

  • 50% Increase in Average Order Value

  • 579% Increase in Active Refill Subscriptions

At Avex, we strive to establish long-lasting relationships with all our clients and partners. In this case, our team worked tirelessly with a number of parties to ensure success. Once it was launched, OneBlade had a fully-integrated, headless eCommerce site. 

We are especially proud of the new relationships we forged during this project. The experience gained through this collaboration places us at the forefront of similar, custom integrations in the future. We’re already looking forward to our next big challenge.

Contact us to learn more about headless commerce and what Shogun Frontend could do for you. 

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