9 eCommerce Podcasts To Listen to in 2021

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by: Holly Kuldell07/31/2021

Quick Summary Below is a list of the most informative, interesting, and intriguing podcasts that, simply put, talk about the best ways to sell products online.

While podcasts originally came about in the 1980s, they’ve skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. There are currently over 2 million podcasts available to listen to as of writing this. 

That’s a lot to choose from!

We wanted to make the process of choosing a podcast easier for those interested in eCommerce. We’ve narrowed the list down to the most informative and entertaining eCommerce podcasts on the market in 2021. But first, let’s explore podcasts as a medium.

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Why Should I Listen to Podcasts?

Keeping up with trends via newsletters and blog posts requires your full attention. While some podcast episodes can be around an hour long, you can be doing other things at the same time. It’s also a very portable medium, and since audio files are small, they don’t take forever to load nor do they require lots of data to load on mobile devices. 

In terms of eCommerce, interviews are much more popular over podcasts rather than on video and print. You can find lots of interesting, smart people in the industry through podcasts without having to lift a finger. 

In terms of actual content, listeners can learn about various topics in a casual and easy-to-understand format. You also have the opportunity to network and make connections with fascinating people, as the hosts and guests usually talk about ways to reach them at the end of episodes. 

We know choosing a show can be overwhelming. Now that we’ve convinced you to listen to eCommerce podcasts, we can help you decide on which is best for you!

List of eCommerce Podcasts

Shopify Masters

Format: Interviews

Date of First Episode: February 2016

Shopify Masters is one of two podcasts hosted by Shopify. They post weekly episodes where the host, Felix Thea, speaks with entrepreneurs to explain their Shopify eCommerce journey and give advice to listeners. 

Shopify Masters Podcast

Jason & Scot Show

Format: Interviews, Episodes without guests

Launch Date: November 2015

Jason, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer for Publicis, and Scot, CEO of GetSpiffy, Founder, and Executive Chairman of Channel Advisor get together to publish a mixture of interviews with various CEOs and Founders and general analysis of eCommerce happenings every week. They focus heavily on Amazon news and event recaps.

Jason and Scot Show

eCommerce MasterPlan

Format: Interviews

Launch Date: June 2016

Hosted by Chloë Thomas, this show publishes weekly episodes with successful eCommerce business people. They interview people from all over the world to bring insights and inspiration to their audience. 

eCommerce Masterplan

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My Wife Quit Her Job

Format: Interviews, Solo episodes

Launch Date: April 2014

Starting with an episode on the story behind the podcast’s title, Steve Chou posts numbered podcasts every week. Some solo episodes are sprinkled in, but most of the time, Steve interviews guests that have quit their jobs to start a business (and had it work out, of course). 

My wife quit her job

The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

Format: Interviews, Solo episodes

Launch Date: July 2010

Pat Flynn started a successful blog with the same name in 2008 and knew to join the podcasting world with his knowledge as well. In his solo episodes, you’ll learn why he calls himself the “crash test dummy of online business,” and in his other episodes, you’ll hear how others have successfully made money with passive incomes.

The Smart Passive Income Online Business and Blogging Podcast

Agency X

Format: Episodes without guests, Interviews

Launch Date: December 2019

Hosted by Avex CEO and Founder John Surdakowski and Senior eCommerce Strategist David Anzalone, the Agency X episodes are full of insights on eCommerce design, development, and general experiences with running a digital agency. They just recently began having guests on more frequently, but most episodes are John and David sharing their thoughts. 

agency x podcast art 1080x1080

The Fizzle Show

Format: Interviews

Launch Date: April 2014

While publishing has recently slowed down, The Fizzle Show has already hosted 385 interviews with creators about their stories of motivation, work-life balance, and self-employment. Only six episodes have been posted in 2021, but luckily, the content is evergreen. 

the fizzle show

2x eCommerce

Format: Interviews

Launch Date: November 2014

Kunele Campbell hosts interviews with founders of DTC brands to talk about customer acquisition and retention strategies in the digital space. The podcast averages a whopping 2,000 to 4,000 downloads per episode due to the amazing guests and consistency (episodes are posted weekly). 

2x ecommerce

The Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Format: Episodes without guests, Interviews

Launch Date: September 2014

Hosted by senior eCommerce consultant and Shopify Plus Partner Kurt Elster, the show was created to help entrepreneurs grow their Shopify stores. Since the show isn’t sponsored or endorsed by Shopify, the hosts can provide an honest and open discussion about the strategies surrounding the platform. 

the unofficial shopify podcast


If you’re already someone who listens to podcasts, you know how much of a reward you can get from listening to episodes during various tasks such as driving to work or shopping at the grocery store. 

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, start with one of the shows above! They will not disappoint. Luckily, the shows are all episodic, meaning listeners don’t have to start from the beginning of season 1 to understand the content. Happy listening!

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