Top 10 Consumer Electronics Brands on Shopify

Top 10 Consumer Electronics Brands on Shopify Avex
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by: John Surdakowski01/25/2021

Quick Summary Selling electronics online directly to consumers is nothing new, so perhaps it's surprising that so many e-commerce brands operate with outdated methods. Today's consumers expect electronics websites to offer a high-quality, virtual experience that mimics in-store shopping.

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) electronics can be expensive, so brands must offer excellent quality — and not just with the products they're selling. When creating a website, it’s imperative that brands provide high-quality images, detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and content designed to educate or entertain. Shopify offers excellent themes and content modules to support this type of high-quality e-commerce experience, but the best consumer electronics brands take it a step further.

Customers often want to test out products before they buy, so websites must offer this experience virtually. Think about how so many people make the drive to an Apple store to hold the latest iPhone, even if they plan to purchase one online. The challenge of e-commerce is to replicate this experience, and many brands do it well.

While being a Shopify Plus merchant allows for significant online exposure and increased sales, today's consumers also demand what is known as an omnichannel experience. This means they want a cohesive experience whether they go to a store to check out a product, log on to a website to learn more about it, or engage with the brand on social media.

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How do the top consumer electronics brands approach the e-commerce experience on Shopify? Focus on User Experience

Known as UX, user experience needs to be a priority for top brands. When you log on, you should immediately know the goal of the site and be led through a purchase funnel that's simple and easy to follow. Websites should have sleek and clean designs that are easy to navigate. Products should be clearly organized on fast-loading pages so it's a pleasure to browse and buy.

Provide High-Quality Content

Small, grainy photos don't make sales. Full-sized, crisp lifestyle imagery and product pictures must accompany copy that clearly describes products and demonstrates a company's brand style. Content is king with consumer electronics (and all industries, really) and the best websites have a homepage hero banner that represents their products and brand authentically.

Lead with Details on Product Description Pages

PDPs, or product description pages, are where people go to have that in-store experience. Instead of picking up the product and holding it in their hands, they want to enjoy detailed information that's well organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, all good marketing includes opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell, and that's what sets many PDPs apart. There should be a section of related products, such as a "use with" section. If an electronics product has accessories, the site should recommend these additional items. Showing the same types of products, complementary products, and additional options within the same price range is also recommended.

Share Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are an extremely important element for any leading consumer electronics website. Potential customers want to know what other people think of a product before they buy. Some brands even add filters to their review streams to highlight ones that help them stand out from other companies.

Showcase Expertise with a Blog

Blogs add content that is useful for two main purposes. First, consumers appreciate the shared expertise as they research the products they're considering. Second, blogs can contain keywords that help sites rank higher in search results for terms relevant to their products. The best blogs focus on content that is valuable to potential customers over keyword stuffing or writing to please search engine algorithms.

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Top 10 Consumer Electronics Brands on Shopify Plus

These websites bring together all of the above key best practices, reflecting the high quality of their products while showcasing their brands in ways their targeted consumers appreciate.

In unranked order, the best consumer electronic brands on Shopify are:

Staples Canada

Staples Canada rose to the challenge of reviving their brand to become the gold standard for consumer electronic brands on Shopify. They redesigned their platform to optimize category pages and increase engagement, becoming a prime example of how consumer electronics brands can do ecommerce right.

Shopify, Electronics, Tech

Why We Picked It Organized navigation design to simplify browsing through its 1000+ SKUs Transparent pickup and delivery options on product pages Hallmark example of Shopify’s ability to deliver an enterprise-level shopping experience


Clear, compelling calls to action are a strong focus for Chipolo — a little gadget that helps you find your keys using your smartphone. Their Shopify landing pages clearly show their products, discounts available, and how to buy them.


shopify, shopify plus, chipolo

Why We Picked It Takes advantage of its small catalog with a curated, efficient purchase funnel Product pages with robust content sections for consumer education Diverse landing page designs to encourage users to explore brand and product offerings


This little gadget helps alleviate symptoms of motion sickness, morning sickness, and chemotherapy. Don't believe it? Reliefband's website is filled with customer testimonials, in-depth information on how it works, and 360-degree imagery.


shopify plus, shopify

Why We Picked It Interactive hero banner to learn how the watch addresses different user concerns Collection page design that distinguishes core hero products from accessory items Diverse landing page designs to encourage users to explore brand and product offerings

Emazing Group

Looking for electronic party items like LED gloves? You'll likely start with an online search, and that's where Emazing Group shines. Their SEO strategies on their Shopify site help them stand out from a sea of competitors, bringing in new customers who are ready to dance the night away.

emazing group

consumer electronics, shopify, shopify plus

Why We Picked It Robust product comparison page Optimized for conversions with free shipping minimum bars, cross-sells, and pre-checkout shipping estimates Community engagement program

U-Turn Audio

Spin it up with a custom, handmade turntable. U-Turn Audio specializes in making personalized turntables from simple materials all the way up to high-end work and metal.


uturn, shopify, shopify plus

Why We Picked It Product customization features Clean, visual navigation


Ring is a home security brand that sells motion-detecting spotlight cameras and video doorbells. Their target audience demands clear messaging, educational videos on how their products work, and customer testimonials. Everything is included on their Shopify site, including a real-life video series called "Neighborhood Stories" that features their products in action.


Consumer Electronics top 10, best electronics, shopify

Why We Picked It Detailed collection pages to help choose the correct product Advanced resource pages Video-heavy product pages


This company is a leading brand in offering technology to support robust wireless networking solutions. While their corporate site is built on multiple custom platforms, they sell their home and enterprise-level networking equipment through a subdomain on Shopify.

Ubiquiti Inc


Why We Picked It

Management of various international stores One of the most browsable UX experiences Cross-selling opportunities

Square Panda

New parents are always looking for ways to teach early reading skills and provide other learning games for their kids. That's where Square Panda comes in. This phonics playset features a cute hero banner and a product video that shows parents how they can use their own photos to teach their children to read.

Square Panda

shopify plus, shopify, top 10 best consumer electronics

Why We Picked It Playful branding Content-rich education pages UGC and testimonials

Smart Nora

Originally a Kickstarter brand touted by Oprah Winfrey, Smart Nora's contact-free snoring solution didn't just rest on its reputation. Their Shopify site offers a clear money-back guarantee and features plenty of customer testimonials to encourage sales. They also offer an affiliate program on their website.

Smart Nora

Shopify Plus, Shopify, 10 best consumer electronics

Why We Picked It Reinforcement of financing options and money back guarantee to build consumer confidence Straightforward page design that prioritizes information Prominent FAQ sections


The leader (and likely creator) of the “smart mug”, Ember sells sleek, minimal mugs for the modern morning with its built-in temperature control. Through its mobile app, users can choose how hot they want their beverage to be thanks to the battery-powered heater in the mug, which lasts just under 2 hours when fully charged. While featured on almost every “essentials” or “gift” guide on Amazon, Ember also has an amazing DTC experience on Shopify.


Shopify, Shopify plus, Consumer electronics

Why We Picked It Icon-based value prop sections Well-produced and useful content throughout site Detailed product and technology education pages

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Consumer Electronics Brands Grow with Shopify Plus

D2C consumer electronics brands have increased their sales by following best practices with their Shopify websites. The Shopify e-commerce framework provides a strong foundation for growing startups as well as repositioning established brands, proving that tapping into new consumer behavior can be just a click away.

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