The 10 Best Shopify Stores

Best Shopify Stores
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by: Morgan C02/09/2021

Quick Summary This article has been updated to expand on the 10 Best Shopify Stores & Shopify Plus stores. 2020 was an interesting year, to say the least, with exponential growth in the e-commerce space. Some of the stats in this article have been far surpassed due to the explosion of Shopify Plus and e-commerce in general.

By the year 2021, global retail ecommerce sales will reach $5 trillion. So it only makes sense for more and more brands to flock to selling online and take an omni-channel approach to commerce. Shopify Plus has over 10,000 active brands on the platform and has processed billions of dollars in sales. But what is it about these stores that gets them so much traffic? Below is a list of the best 10 Shopify stores & websites, and what makes them special.

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10. Bulletproof

Bulletproof is an online supplements company that specializes in collagen-filled protein bars. Their simple and highly navigable website makes the shopping experience completely seamless.

Why is Bulletproof a great Shopify store?

  • A subscribe and save option pop-up that offers 5% off when customers add their email to a mailing list

  • A “customers also bought section” that upsells other products

  • An option to save by buying bundles instead of singular bars

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

9. Makeup Geek

Makeup Geek is a U.S. based makeup company that advertises cruelty-free products at professional quality. The sleek design of their site is a beautiful contrast to the pigmented eyeshadow they sell.

Makeup Geek is on our top Shopify Plus website list because:

  • A “create your own palette” gif on the homepage that advertises a service where the customer can add eyeshadow to a custom palette

  • A tutorials page that classifies instructional makeup videos by beginner, intermediate, and expert

  • Stickers on every page that reminds the consumer the Makeup Geek products are cruelty free.

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

8. Rebecca Minkoff

High-fashion retailer, Rebecca Minkoff, specializes in luxury handbags, accessories, footwear, and apparel. Their website reflects that same brand of luxury with it’s interface.

A few things Rebecca Minkoff does particularly well:

  • Changing photos for the collections on the home page “trending now” section to show customers what other people are buying

  • A “tag us for a chance to be featured” section which promotes great social media engagement by consumers

  • Trend shops for different holidays and events (like Chinese New Year)

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

7. Skinnydip London

Skinnydip London is an all around lifestyle company targeting millennial women. Their eye-catching pink and white site makes it extraordinarily easy to find what you’re looking for (and convince you to buy more than what you originally planned).

Skinnydip London make the best websites on Shopify Plus list because:

* A hover feature on all products that changes the angle of the photo * A “you may also like” section based on products you’ve previously browsed through * Special product tags that show what Skinny Dips recommends * “Shop our Instagram” section where you can click on photos and be linked to the product page

Pro Tip: To get the hover feature, shop our Instagram section, and many more cool features on your own site, check out our post about Shopify Apps

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

6. AllBirds

AllBirds is home to the “world’s most comfortable shoes,” according to their website. From the minute you enter their homepage, you are fully immersed in a fun, multimedia experience. The blend of infographics, videos, and colorful photos makes the buying experience unique and fun.

What makes Allbirds one of the best Shopify stores?

  • An eye-catching photo carousel on homepage

  • A sweet addition” graphic that details how the company is sustainable, which is very important to consumers

  • Video on the homepage of someone flexing their foot in a comfy pair of AllBirds shoes

  • “World’s Most Comfortable Shoe” section that has the logos of big companies that agree with that statement

  • When you click on either the men or women page, there is a scale with pictures of different types of shoes that goes from wool (soft and cozy) to tree (light and breezy), which makes shopping for a specific type of shoe much easier

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

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5. Morphe

Morphe is a collaborative makeup company that works with numerous mega-influencers on their own lines. It’s educational and sleek website allows even the most beginner makeup-buyers to make informed purchases.

Morphe's Shopify websites makes the list because:

  • #morphebabe section that has photos of each product on actual customers

  • A customer reviews section underneath each product, which promotes customer security

  • Hover feature that shows what each product looks like out of the packaging

  • Hover feature once you click on a product that shows all the colors it comes in

  • Pro tips on each product page that gives you tricks about using the makeup

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

4. Frankie’s Bikinis

Frankie’s Bikinis is a colorful, ad-campaign heavy website that sells both bikinis and a particular lifestyle. When consumers look at these swimsuits in the lookbooks, they picture themselves on beautiful white sand beaches having an amazing time.

A few things Frankie’s Bikinis does particularly well:

  • #frankiesgirl social media engagement that consumers can participate in

  • Promotional video of “frankie’s girls” wearing the bikinis and having fun on the beach in the lookbooks section

  • Lookbooks for different events (ex: resort, festival, 4th of July, etc.)

  • Hover feature that shows you different angles of the bikinis in the main product pag

  • Product video that shows the model actually wearing the bikini once you click on the product

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

3. Uproot

For all true wine lovers, Uproot is a welcome change of pace from going to your local store. With its colorful design and fun graphics, it makes the entire process of buying wine a lot more fun.

A few things Uproot does particularly well:

  • Ability to take a flavor quiz and match you with your perfect wine

  • If you give them your email, you get 15% off your NEXT order (retargeting!!)

  • “As seen in” section on their homepage with different logos of major companies

  • Under each product, you’ll see colorful graphics detailing tasting notes and winemaking info

  • Under each product, you can hover over the different pictures of fruits, and the site will tell you how much that fruit influences the wine

  • Recipes section with food recipes that tells you which of their wines to pair it with

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

2. Shinesty

If you enjoy corny, fun, and vintage-style apparel, you will want to visit Shinesty’s website. Their homepage is colorful and eye-catching, which immediately draws consumers in.

Shinesty is a great Shopify Plus eCommerce website because:

  • A very colorful front page with a lot of busy patterns

  • “Apologies in advance” section on the homepage with all of their SEO keywords

  • Theme section that breaks down looks by holiday

  • Pre-order button so people can be notified when outfits go live

  • “Free $$$” clickbait page that tells you to refer a friend and get $20 off your next purchase, therefore successfully retargeting consumers

  • “Mad labs” page that allows you to submit your own designs, and if enough people vote on them, Shinesty will create that outfit

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

1. Fashion Nova

Fast-fashion retailer, Fashion Nova, is famous for its celebrity endorsements and being known as “Instagram’s favorite fashion brand.” In 2017, it was even one of the top 10 most searched brands behind Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, and Chanel. But how did a previously unknown brand build an empire of millions of loyal #novababes?

Here's what Fashion Nova does well on Shopify Plus:

  • A customer favorites section that shows the most popular items on the site

  • “Continue shopping these products” section which uses a pixel to retarget people based on what they looked at the last time you visited the site

  • Carousel of photos showcasing their most popular jeans being worn by models

  • Ability to “heart” a product if you sign in with your email

  • “Styled on Instagram” section underneath each product photo

  • Suggested add-ons underneath each product photo that shows you how to style a look (and upsells the consumer)

  • Shop for your significant other section underneath each product photo

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

top 10 Shopify Plus stores

Update: We've added some more of the best Shopify Plus stores below.

O'Neill Surfing

The world's leading surfing brand. Avex helped redesign the user-experience for O'neill's Shopify Plus website.

O'Neill Surfing

Simmons Bedding

One of the biggest mattress brands in the world. Avex helped bring Simmons direct to consumer on Shopify Plus.


Ports 1961

High-end fashion brands Ports 1961 came to Avex to design and develop their Shopify Plus store, to increase conversions and overall creative.

Ports 1961

Wrapping It Up

With so many great Shopify stores out there, it can be tough to differentiate your own. Avex helps brands like O'Neil, KITH, Undefeated, Simmons Serta Bedding and Rumpl, build and optimize some of the best Shopify Plus stores.

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