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by: Holly Kuldell09/21/2021

Quick Summary See what the best Shopify fashion stores are up to with this list.

There are many fashion brands on Shopify–6,772 to be exact. It’s hard to narrow down the top-performing stores. That’s why we looked at a bunch of them and chose what we thought were the best of the best, thanks to their popularity, engagement, and user experience. 

We looked at the site’s popups, PDPs, homepages, and even social media presence to choose the top 7 (in no particular order). Use this list as design and eCommerce strategy for your own brand, or to simply shop for your next new outfit! 

1. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stich is a classic men’s clothing brand based in San Francisco. When landing on the homepage, we see a full-screen popup to collect your email (like most brands do) but what’s special about this popup is that it allows you to connect via your Facebook page, so customers don’t even have to type a letter. 

Their homepage features high-quality banners of beautiful outdoor landscape photos, and smooth animations when scrolling through the menu. The site also has a “Workshop” page where they crowdfund new products. The benefits of that are the customer gets 20% off and seasonal items can be made to order, which is a more sustainable practice. 

Speaking of sustainability, the “Responsibility” page goes into detail about the sourcing of fabrics, how the brand gives back to the community, and data showing how they are being environmentally friendly. Lastly, the footer displays a 20% off coupon for giving your email and a pointed joke about Instant Messenger, allowing customers to get to know the brand’s voice while also learning about their live chat options. 

Taylor Stitch Screenshot 2021

2. Kith

Kith is a streetwear brand selling a wide variety of clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids. They offer both in-house label apparel and multi-brand apparel. Their homepage is uniquely designed, with a full-screen photo corresponding to each menu item. The menu is displayed vertically on the left side of the screen, unlike most brands that display it horizontally. This approach is artistic and makes the customer feel like they’re truly immersed in the brand. 

Along with selling apparel, Kith also sells desserts! Kith Treats was created in 2015 due to the founder’s childhood love for cereal. This branch of the brand offers pastel clothing displaying cute images like creamsicles, ice cream stands, and ice cream trucks. Kith even has 8 locations worldwide for their cereal bar shops. If that doesn’t help a brand stand out, we don’t know what will. 

Kith Treats Screenshot 2021

3. Alo Yoga

As told by the name, Alo Yoga sells yoga clothing and accessories for men and women. When clicking on their homepage for the first time, their email popup reads “Get it om", a fun yoga-inspired play on words. The site has a clean, simple layout and is easy to navigate while having many products. 

Below the fold, a “Shop Kendall Jenner’s Look” section is featured where customers can purchase exactly what their biggest fashion icon is wearing. Another portion of the brand that stands out is the Alo Moves and Alo Gives sections. Alo Moves is a $20/month program that provides customers with yoga, fitness, and meditation courses. Alo Gives is a nonprofit organization that provides mindfulness and yoga videos and activity sheets for kids, in partnership with Scholastic. Focusing on future generations is a great way to expand as a brand as well as offer tangible wellness benefits to more than just your customer base. 

Alo Gives Screenshot 2021

4. Peter Manning NYC

Know any men who have a hard time finding clothes that fit their height? Peter Manning NYC is here to help. This fashion brand sells clothing for men under 5’10. The site has a “Fit Guide” page with an in-depth explanation of how each size will fit someone’s body per garment. They also include sizes and guides for the “not-so-slim” guys, ranging up to 4XL. 

On the homepage, you can find a section displaying 8 magazines the brand has been featured in, including Forbes and Vanity Fair. These highly reputable magazines provide a sense of social proof for potential customers. The homepage also features 6 recent blog posts, with the first few sentences previewing the article. Peter Manning NYC consistently publishes articles with fashion tips and general fashion news, offering more than just their clothing. 

The brand improves customer retention by running a customer loyalty program and even offers 50 points just for joining. Lastly, their social media presence is substantial. With over 15k Instagram followers, the brand sprinkles in posts of celebrities sporting their clothing, including actors Martin Short and Ben Stiller. 

Peter Manning NYC Fit Guide Screenshot 2021

5. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is popular for its array of handbags, clothing, and accessories. This fashion brand launched in 2009 and is now creating over $100 million in revenue. Right off the bat, the homepage is loud without being flashy. There are only two sections consisting of three photos total, making it easy to choose where to go from there.

You can choose to shop from collections to shop from or by the style of bag. As you navigate the site, a newsletter popup shows, but only after leaving the homepage as to not bombard the site visitor. The PLP is also designed to be simple–the filters and sorting menus are automatically closed, so all you see are the beautiful, sleek products.

For their clothing lines, they advertise for a Sustainable line, where they've created a collection that uses cutting-edge technology to decrease waste and ensure fair labor practices. These pieces are made to order, so they're not available at their brick-and-mortar store. With the growing trend of environmentally friendly practices, this concept is both good for the earth and for the fashion brand.

Rebecca Minkoff PLP Screenshot 2021

6. DNO

Not all top stores sell worldwide. We wanted to add a store that has a large impact on a small community. DNO (standing for “do nothing ordinary”) is a clothing line dedicated to New Orleans and its “independent spirit.” Profits from the brand support local cultural organizations like those involved with LGBTQ youth, restoring natural resources in the Gulf Region, and music/culture. The branding gives off an intimate vibe, with copy at the bottom of the page reading, “We’re glad you’re here.” 

The clothing features New Orleans-specific lingo and graphics, great for anyone who has ties to the city. Their “Journal” page showcases local artists, photographers, stylists, and models. Lastly, the brand has almost 37k followers on Instagram, where they post a mixture of lifestyle and clothing content, building a community of their customers via social media.

DNO Screenshot 2021

7. Fashion Nova

We couldn’t publish a Shopify fashion blog without mentioning the clothing giant Fashion Nova. With over 34k SKUs, it’s no wonder they were ranked one of the top grossing stores on Shopify in 2018. The brand goes old school by adding a “scratch-off” popup to collect email addresses (seen below). The “scratching” is a smooth animation that uncovers your discount as you hover. We got a 30% discount when doing this, which is higher than what most brands give in exchange for an email.

With that many products, it’s quite the challenge to make a site that’s easy to navigate. Fashion Nova rises to the occasion with lots of menu and page options, and doesn’t overwhelm site visitors with the homepage by using 6 full bleed banners with buttons to shop various collections. They’re even advertising for Halloween in mid-September, so the brand is definitely on top of it. 

One section on the homepage features popular items in your area, which narrows down the clothing items in a tangible way, especially if someone is just browsing. As you exit the page, a popup is shown with yet another discount: 10% off your next order if you click your clothing preferences (women, men, curve, kids, or beauty) and give your email address. This will help keep customers from abandoning the site, and it’s a great way to be able to target users with what they really want to see. 

Fashion Nova Scratch Off Screenshot 2021


We hope this list of Shopify stores that sell clothing helps spark ideas for your eCommerce store. Let us know if you’d like to implement those ideas–we’d love to help. Contact us here.

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