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by: Holly Kuldell11/30/2021

Quick Summary Continue reading to see who and how we ranked the most successful fitness clothing and service brands on Shopify.

Athleisure’s Growing Popularity

First thing’s first: athleisure is hugely popular right now. Statista reports that the sports apparel market in the US was valued at $105.1 billion in 2020, and is expected to increase to $113.4 billion by the end of 2021. 

One explanation for this would be that many people now work from home due to the pandemic – 69% of full-time employees were working from home in the summer of 2020. Especially if their meetings don’t require video, people are going to ditch the business casual fit and dress comfortably in their own home. 

Workout From Home

Another popular trend that would give rise to fitness brands (specifically those selling workout programs) is the “at home” workout. People got a taste of saving money on that gym membership during the lockdown, and aren’t going back to that hefty monthly fee any time soon. 

One study found two in three Americans said the pandemic left them realizing they don’t need to go to the gym to stay in shape. It also reports that working out at home makes people feel more confident and helps them create the perfect workout schedule for their daily lives. In comes apps and programs designed to give a great workout in the comfort of your own home. 

The Best Fitness Shopify Stores in 2021

All that to say, there are many fitness stores selling products and services on Shopify. We narrowed the list down to the best seven, based on UX design, brand story, and overall popularity (in no particular order). Use this list as inspiration for your online store or for your next workout!


Rhone is a men’s activewear brand that uses odor-fighting technology to keep you fresh and clean, even after a workout. The company aims to help customers “move forever forward.” Rhine was featured in Business Insider as the top athleisure brand for men in 2021. 

What We Like

  • Rhone’s catalog includes workout gear, business casual products, and loungewear all with the feel of athleisure 

  • Shoppers are able to learn more about each feature of a product on it’s PDP, with a section dedicated to close-ups of things like the seams and fabric

  • There are pages dedicated to showing the sustainable materials the clothing is made from, and site visitors can shop based on material

  • Read through blog posts about progress, performance, and wellness under the Pursuit page

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Balance Athletica

Family created and owned, Balance Athletica was started around the concept of balancing your mind, body, and spirit to be able to live your best life. They also aim to build a community of all backgrounds through their clothing. 

What We Like

  • Balance Athletica’s efforts to include people of all shapes and sizes

  • The gorgeous video banner displaying simple shots of a model wearing the products in front of a neutral background

  • Being able to view large, high-quality photos on the homepage while not seeing any lag in site speed

  • On the PLP, “Almost Gone” is included on the products that are low stock to add a sense of scarcity, and the product’s star rating is shown to prove the quality of the clothing 

  • Customers are able to use the “quick add to cart” button to shop directly from the PLP

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Based in the UK, Gymshark sells workout clothing to customers in over 131 countries worldwide. As many great companies do, this one started in a garage. The founder wanted to inspire customers to “be all that you imagined you could be” through comfortable and stylish fitness outfits. 

What We Like

  • A transparency report shows the brand’s carbon footprint, split up by the ways in with CO2 emissions are being created, in effort to be upfront about their sustainability

  • The homepage features images from a recent collaboration with Whitney Simmons, a fitness digital creator with 3.2 million Instagram followers

  • Videos are shown of a model working out in the clothing on the top of each PDP to prove the stability and comfort of the product

  • The Gymshark Central part of the site features blogs with tips on styling, conditioning, and overall wellbeing

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 1.59.20 PM

Sweat houses information about Sweat, the mobile app created by Australian fitness expert Kayla Itsines. The app offers a catalog of workouts and trainers, and a free trial for new members. At only $20 a month, that’s 40% cheaper than the average gym membership in the US. Sweat has over 35k reviews on the Apple app store, with a 4.6 star rating. 

What We Like

  • The “Meet the Trainers” section showing the bios and workouts for 14 different trainers

  • An app-like experience is featured throughout the site

  • Photos from the app are displayed on the homepage, giving the customer an idea of what it looks like before even downloading it

  • You’re able to connect with other app users through their forum, and connect the workouts to your Apple Watch for extra convenience during workouts

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 2.13.42 PM

Algo Yoga

As told by the name, Alo Yoga sells yoga clothing and accessories for men and women. The brand focuses on mindfulness, wellness and community, and creates clothing for on and off the yoga mat. Many celebrities have been seen wearing Alo, including Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. 

What We Like

  • The copy in the popup that collects email addresses includes a pun reading “Get it om”, incorporating fun yoga lingo 

  • The site has a clean, simple layout and is easy to navigate while having many products. 

  • Below the fold, a “Shop Kendall Jenner’s Look” section is featured where customers can purchase exactly what their biggest fashion icon is wearing

  • In terms of giving back, the brand has Alo Moves, a $20/month program that provides customers with yoga, fitness, and meditation courses, and Alo gives, a nonprofit organization that provides mindfulness and yoga videos and activity sheets for kids, in partnership with Scholastic

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Altitude Sports

Altitude Sports was the first online outdoor retailer in Canada when it was created in 1999. The goal was to promote the outdoors through selling and renting quality outdoor clothing and supplies. Since then, they’ve partnered with dozens of brands to sell their products, including North Face, Patagonia, and GoPro.

What We Like

  • Even though the site sells so many products, the brand did a great job designing the layout, so users can easily find what they’re looking for

  • The homepage features product photos from top brands, Staff Picks, and new arrivals to steer shoppers in the right direction

  • For the gear section, customer can shop by activity (i.e. skiing, running, camping) so their products are already grouped together

  • Altitude’s blog has many buying guides, making it easier to narrow down your shopping to the products that really work 

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 2.28.30 PM


Christian Guzman created Alphalete with the idea to inspire people to “learn more, dream more, and be more.” He went from screen printing shirts to running a brand of tailor made pieces. The brand sells simple and comfortable workout clothing and accessories for both men and women. 

What We Like

  • Their popup asks only for a phone number, proving they utilize SMS marketing, which creates the opportunity to connect with potential customers instantly via texts

  • When scrolling through the site, you can tell the design is similar to an app – smooth animations, curved corners, and vertically oriented content

  • With 23 colors offered for each workout set, customers can find the exact shade they want to be sporting for their next workout

  • The brand took to the road with a group of Alphaletes (brand ambassadors/content creators) to do meet and greets with fans, a creative and fun way to grow the business 

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 2.29.37 PM


With the eCommerce strategy, design, and branding showcased by these brands, you’re sure to feel inspired when it comes to your own eCommerce store. Or, you’ll be ready to show up to your next workout in style, either in the gym or in your living room. Want to see your business thrive? Talk to us today about your site. 

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