Top 7 Subscription Brands on Shopify

by: Zain Aalmi08/23/2023

Quick Summary Subscription-based e-commerce has gained tremendous popularity among e-commerce brands specializing in selling products that require regular replenishment. Uncover some of the top Shopify brands that offer subscriptions to their customers and what we particularly like about their models. 

Subscription-based e-commerce has gained tremendous popularity among e-commerce brands specializing in selling products that require regular replenishment. According to GlobeNewswire, the worldwide subscription e-commerce market reached a valuation of US$96.61 billion in 2022. Predictions indicate that by the year 2028, the market's value will escalate to US$2419.69 billion.

Given the benefits that the subscription model offers to both consumers and businesses, this rapid growth is easily understandable. Predictable revenue, the ability to offset customer acquisition costs, increased customer lifetime value, and improved inventory forecasting are among the main advantages that e-commerce businesses explore through subscriptions. On the other hand, loyal customers appreciate the convenience of having their favorite products shipped to them recurringly. 

In this blog, we will cover some of the top Shopify brands that offer subscriptions to their customers and what we particularly like about their models. 

Fellow Coffee

Fellow originated as a Kickstarter endeavor led by coffee enthusiasts who combined their expertise in specialty coffee with product design. What started as a single product has now grown into a diverse collection of meticulously crafted design products, beloved by renowned professional baristas worldwide. Continuously expanding their product range, Fellow consistently generates excitement and buzz around their innovative offerings.

Fellow Subscriptions

Through their Coffee Subscription, Fellow offers customers the opportunity to effortlessly access the world's finest roasters, discover rare and elusive coffees, and have them conveniently delivered according to their preferred schedule.

What We Like:

  • An informative landing page that covers the subscription's benefits, how it works, what to expect, and FAQs.

  • An exclusive offer on the first Coffee Subscription shipment, accompanied by a coffee grinder.

  • A seamless subscription page that allows customers to choose their preferences for basic vs. premium plans, shipment frequency, and preferred roast type.

  • The subscription model is highlighted within the brand’s Klaviyo email marketing efforts. 

Hello Fresh

With an impressive market share of approximately 74%, HelloFresh stood out as the frontrunner in the United States meal kit industry in 2022, delivering fresh and convenient meal solutions to customers nationwide. Last year, the number of subscribers reached a peak of over 8.5 million.

Recognizing the advantages, HelloFresh made a strategic move to migrate to Shopify Plus, taking advantage of the platform's exceptional subscription integrations. 

Shopify Plus is widely acclaimed for its robust infrastructure, capable of effortlessly managing spikes in traffic from various global locations, thereby ensuring a seamless and reliable checkout experience for HelloFresh's valued customers.

What We Like:

  • The homepage prominently features the signup offer multiple times, accompanied by clear call-to-action buttons.

  • The signup process is smooth and simple, allowing customization based on customers' preferences.

  • Reviews displayed on the signup page enhance credibility and instill trust in potential customers.

Alastin Skincare 

Renowned for its remarkable growth trajectory, ALASTIN Skincare has established itself as a leading brand in the physician-dispensed skincare industry. Their dedication to innovation is evident through their scientifically proven and clinically tested products, which distinguish them from competitors in the market.

Alastin Subscriptions

In order to enhance their subscription model, cater to consumer expectations of convenience, and increase subscriber engagement, ALASTIN partnered with Avex. However, the brand realized that the manual selection of subscription options on individual product pages was not yielding the desired results. To address this, we leveraged ALASTIN's chosen subscription provider, Recharge, as part of our managed services retainers. Together, we created a dedicated "Subscribe & Save" collection page aimed at educating users about the benefits of subscribing and simplifying the path to subscription.

What We Like:

  • The hero banner prominently highlights offers such as free shipping, free gifts, and 5% discounts, effectively capturing user attention.

  • The Subscriptions Product Listing Page (PLP) features customer ratings and product awards, adding credibility and trust.

  • Quick add-to-cart functionality streamlines the purchasing process, ensuring a smooth and efficient user experience.

An exit-offer pop-up appears just before the customer leaves the site, presenting a compelling and time-sensitive offer to entice them to reconsider their decision


Embrace the brilliance of Oatly, a Sweden-based innovator with a legacy of a quarter-century. Committed to processing sustainable oats into nourishing oat milk, they're dedicated to leaving a minimal environmental footprint. Oatly, a Shopify brand,  set out with a resolute mission: to establish a direct-to-consumer subscription model in the US, empowering customers to enjoy the convenience of purchasing their favorite products at their own pace while retaining full control over their subscriptions. This meant implementing a seamless online store where subscribers could effortlessly manage their deliveries, adjust schedules, or even add extra items, all while seamlessly immersing themselves in Oatly's delightful brand experience.

Oatly Subscriptions

What We Like: 

  • Oatly's subscription product pages boast a user-friendly on/off toggle, enabling shoppers to seamlessly convert into subscribers without any hassle.

  • Once customers add the subscription to their cart, they are presented with a range of other recommendations and enticing upsells to explore.


Lovevery, a direct-to-consumer (DTC) subscription brand, is powered by Shopify and specializes in offering kids' toys through its unique model. Co-founder Roderick Morris established Lovevery with the vision of providing parents with a subscription-based package of toys that adapt and evolve alongside their growing children.

Unlike the conventional subscription approach commonly used for replenishing everyday items like food or personal care products, Lovevery takes a more dynamic route. Their focus is on being a constant companion to children as they journey through different stages of development. By delivering age-appropriate toys and learning materials, Lovevery ensures that children receive exactly what they need as they progress and learn.

Lovevery Subsciption

What We Like: 

  • Lovevery's Play Kits Subscription page offers valuable insights into "How it Works," showcases customer reviews, and organizes play kits based on different age groups. This user-friendly layout makes it easy for parents to understand and choose the most suitable kit for their child's developmental stage.

  • Not only is the sign-up process straightforward, but parents also have the option to include kits from previous age groups. This flexibility enables them to customize their subscription to better suit their child's unique needs and interests.

  • Lovevery enhances the subscription experience by sending stage-based emails that provide valuable insights into the child's current development stage. This creates a sense of community and reassures parents that they are providing their children with appropriate and beneficial play materials.

  • Subscribers enjoy access to special perks and offers further promoting a sense of exclusivity. 

Natural Dog Company

The dog care industry is one that thrives on frequent replenishments, and Natural Dog Company is no exception. Previously operating on Woocommerce, the brand made a strategic move to Shopify Plus, leveraging Avex's migration services. By migrating to Shopify Plus, the brand has gained access to a robust e-commerce platform that offers enhanced scalability, performance, and customization capabilities – opening up new avenues for growth and improving the overall customer experiences.

Natural Dog Company offers its products through two convenient options: one-time purchases and subscriptions. The subscription approach ensures a steady supply of essential dog care items, such as grooming products or health supplements, delivered at regular intervals, providing convenience and peace of mind to pet owners.

What We Like: 

  • On the PDP, customers have the flexibility to either make a one-time purchase or opt for a subscription as per their preferred frequency.

  • The subscription options prominently showcase potential savings, effectively creating a sense of urgency for customers.

  • The social block showcases adorable pups with subscription products, adding an irresistibly cute and heartwarming touch to the content.


Scentbird, a thriving NYC-based fragrance subscription service on Shopify, has achieved an annual revenue milestone of $25 Million. This company stands out for its commitment to empowering customers to delve into the captivating world of scents through a range of enticing options. With Scentbird's innovative subscription model, fragrance enthusiasts gain access to an extensive collection of perfumes and colognes, enabling them to discover, explore, and experience an array of alluring scents.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 10.12.57 AM

The brand's personalized approach sets it apart from traditional fragrance shopping, as customers have the freedom to curate their own fragrance journey. By offering a monthly subscription service, Scentbird allows individuals to try new scents without committing to full-sized bottles, encouraging adventurous exploration and discovery.

What We Like: 

  • Scentbird's Homepage Hero banner is designed to captivate and engage first-time shoppers with a sense of urgency. A prominent countdown feature creates a compelling CTA, encouraging visitors to act quickly and seize the opportunity. 

  • The "Get Started with a Quiz" CTA takes a gamified approach to enhance the user experience. By inviting shoppers to take an interactive quiz, the brand can gain valuable insights into their preferences and taste in perfumes. This personalized approach allows Scentbird to curate tailored fragrance recommendations for each shopper, making the perfume exploration journey even more enjoyable. 

  • The PDP boasts a lot of informative content, not only regarding the perfume and its notes but also on how the subscription works and what other customers think - fostering trust and credibility. 

At Avex, we firmly believe that eCommerce transactions should not be viewed as mere one-time occurrences. Instead, we adopt a long-term perspective by strategizing for E-Commerce subscription programs, recognizing them as a powerful lever for enhancing consumer lifetime value. Our dedicated strategy team specializes in designing and implementing scalable subscription initiatives, which focus on optimizing recurring revenue streams for your business - all while overcoming subscription fatigue and boosting customer loyalty.

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