Top 8 Home Decor Brands on Shopify

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by: Holly Kuldell08/24/2021

Quick Summary See how the home goods industry’s top Shopify stores present themselves with this list of the most creative and functional 8.

Being stuck at home means noticing the little things about your home that you’d like to switch around or even upgrade. This past year also forced a home office on many people who were used to going into the office every day. 

When no one could go out to purchase these necessary items, who did they turn to? Online home goods stores. 

Consumers need furniture to make a space more professional, spruce up an old layout, or even furnish a place from scratch. During lockdown, I know I was desperate to re-decorate my childhood bedroom that I ended up living in for over a year. 

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Luckily, with new tech features such as augmented reality giving you the ability to see a product in your home in real-time, shopping for decor online has never been easier. From 2019 to 2020, the retail eCommerce revenue from home goods and furniture sales in the US increased by $6.64 billion, bringing it to $52.62 billion, according to Statista. 

Continue scrolling to see the top seven stores that sell products for your home (in no particular order). Use these stores as inspiration for your eCommerce store, your living space, or for your next shopping spree!


If you’ve listened to a sponsored podcast episode in the last year, you’ve probably heard of Brooklinen. They sell luxury bedsheets and consider themselves “The Internets Favorite Sheets,” broadcasting heavily in the ad space of podcasts. 

One obvious reason for adding Brooklinen to this list: they have over 80,000 five-star reviews. That’s one Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium’s worth of people expressing their love for these bedsheets. High-quality sheets with affordable prices are the name of the game for this brand. 

In terms of the site itself, the “Take Our Quiz” page is a great addition for consumers who may be overwhelmed by different fabrics and bedding products. It’s also the perfect opportunity for the brand to retain information about the visitor to use in future marketing materials. 

Lastly, the page title in the browser’s tab switches between the page you’re on and a call-to-action saying “15% off won’t last forever,” catching your attention with a specific, timely, and fairly substantial discount. 

Brooklinen screenshot 2021


Leesa is a DTC mattress company committed to providing customers with a comfortable night’s sleep while giving back to the community. On their about page they explain that all of their products are built in the USA, and they even show the visitor insights about the concept, prototype, research, and building processes for the mattresses. 

After a few seconds of being on the site, a popup shows up with a simple design and copy. It reads “Unlock 20% off mattresses,” with a large “continue” button and clear X in the top right corner. Not only is this offer a big money saver for the visitor, the popup also isn’t too busy with unnecessary text or graphics, meaning it’ll collect emails with ease. 

When it comes to their social impact, they pride themselves on creating mattresses with recycled and natural materials and donating one mattress per every ten sold to communities in need. Leesa dedicates an entire page of their site to teaching visitors about how children are affected by not having a bed to sleep in at night. These practices can make a consumer feel like their purchase has an impact on more than just themselves, therefore making them more likely to return to the brand.

We interviewed one of the co-founders of Leesa on our podcast, Agency X. Listen to the episode here. 

Leesa screenshot 2021


At first glance, Fyrn seems like a company that just sells modern dining room chairs. As you learn more about the brand, you realize how special and intentional their store is. Ros Broughton and David Charne founded Fyrn with the goal of producing “products that never need to be thrown away.” Ros wanted to tackle greenwashing by creating furniture that discourages the “use-and-discard” culture we currently live in. 

Their website is minimalistic in the best way. The collections page features two rows of product photos that scroll left to right as you view them. The company allows you to request a design kit (includes woof, metal, and upholstery samples), create your own product using the product builder, or contact them for any customizations you might need for your product. 

Their assembly page includes 20 minutes worth of well-thought-out video tutorials and an easy-to-find link directing you to their customer care page if needed. The biggest thing that stands out on the site is the crisp, large, high-quality product photos. Whether it’s the furniture staged in a beautiful dining room or a stack of wooden chair legs, the visuals do not disappoint. 

Fyrn screenshot 2021

Common Deer

Right off the bat, the Common Deer homepage is showing the visitor content and lots of it. The automatic scrolling banner shows photos of craftsmen, products, and a good old American Flag. These photos put together tell the story of the brand. 

Common Deer is a company created to compile artists, creators, and brands that are “American Made.” They are a Vermont-based woman-owned small business that sells goods from cards to wallets to kid's clothes. 

One extra useful feature of the site, especially during lockdown where you may not be seeing loved ones on their birthdays, is the custom gift box page. Customers can build their own box, have Common Deer build one, or choose from a pre-made limited edition box. The themes range from a care package to a box celebrating a new baby. The options are also simple to navigate with dropdown menus and clearly labeled step-by-step instructions.

Common Deer screenshot 2021


Wayfair is a global home decor chain with 18 fulfillment centers and 38 delivery centers across the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. They sell 22 million products. The fact that the site loads quickly with that many products is a feat in itself.

The products are moderately priced, and you can really find anything you’re looking for in their massive catalog. The site is likely at risk of being overwhelming, which is where customization comes in. Visitors can hone in on exactly what they are looking for with the vertical menu that lives on the left-hand side of the screen as they shop. 

For instance, when shopping for pillows for your bed, you can choose between the size, thickness, comfort level, fill material, sleep position, and customer rating. While there’s a lot going on for this site, Wayfair makes it easy to narrow down. 

wayfair screenshot 2021

Magnolia Market

Former Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have started many businesses including a realtor business, a brick and mortar home decor store, and a garden shop. One of those businesses, Magnolia Market, has found its way onto Shopify. 

Site visitors can buy rugs featured by Joanna, botanicals, and even back-to-school gear. With the success of the TV show, the Gaines have been public figures and an overall adored couple, along with being experts in home decor. 

The website has very little copy and is image-heavy, which is a great choice for products like dining room tables and bedding. Also, on the PDPs, the customer reviews section is first up, even above details/dimensions, proving how great the product is from real customers to potential customers. If you’re an HGTV fan, this home decor site is for you—you can even watch episodes right from the home page. 

Magnolia Market screenshot 2021


Ruggable sells rugs. That’s pretty obvious. What you may not be able to discern from the brand name is that all of their rugs are machine-washable. Gone are the days of steam cleaning!

Right below the fold, the website includes graphics explaining their rugs are also spillproof, nonslip, and made to order. Below that is a video showing how the rugs come with a rug pad, making the rug cover thin enough to fit in a washing machine. 

If rug textures aren’t something you’re an expert in, Ruggable explains in detail the differences between them. Speaking of education, as you hover over the “size” menu, the site shows you sizes based not only on the room they likely belong in but also on the furniture it sits under by having pencil-like diagrams for each scenario. Buying a rug can make or break a room, so the fact that Ruggable’s site provides so much clarity on their product is incredibly helpful.

Ruggable screenshot 2021

Bend Goods

This brand is for the funky decorators. Founded by a visual designer in 2010, Bend strives to create functional artwork-like furniture using wire. Their About page shows how the product is made from the sketch to the production (plus some pretty cool photos of craftsman welding). 

Due to the material, plenty of the products are both indoor and outdoor, making the chairs, stools, and tables, all the more versatile. The colors of these goods range from black to gold to peacock blue, ensuring these pieces will stand out in your home. 

The product pages include an animated photo, switching from different angles, that sticks to the screen as you scroll. The branding is tame, which shows off the actual furniture even more. Lastly, Bend includes an entire section for one-off and limited edition pieces, making your product feel even more special.

Bend goods screenshot 2021


Whether you’re shopping for your home or exploring the home decor eCommerce space, these brands are a great place to start. They stand out due to their navigation, branding, high-quality products, and overall creativity. Ready to refresh your Shopify store? We’d love to help! Contact us to chat. 

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