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Growth Optimization on Shopify Plus

Growth X is a tailored Conversion Rate Optimization Program strategically crafted to scale and optimize eCommerce brands on Shopify and Shopify Plus. Meticulously developed from the ground up, Avex has created a unique, scalable process customized to align with your brand objectives, surpassing your expectations.

We harness the capabilities of experience platforms to craft personalized, high-converting digital experiences, supported by robust AB testing and data-driven insights.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Icon: E-Commerce Strategy
E-Commerce Strategy

Our CRO program revolves around quarterly benchmarking and establishing fresh sales objectives. By leveraging data and our extensive eCommerce expertise, you can anticipate a steady stream of monthly insights, analytics, consultative guidance, and tactical recommendations aimed at enhancing both conversions and customer experiences.

Icon: Personalization

Avex leverages recommendation and personalization tools to enhance web, mobile, and email interactions, boosting conversions. We tailor each digital touchpoint based on data and consumer insights to create engaging and relevant experiences. Our versatile, channel-agnostic, and customer-centric strategies ensure a unified and captivating customer experience.

Icon: A/B Testing
A/B Testing

Empower your team to conduct swift, low-risk experiments across your entire technology infrastructure with a keen focus on the bottom line—your conversion rate. As a specialized Shopify CRO agency, we conduct A/B tests on elements like features, content, placement, and styling, all with the ultimate goal of delivering on-site experiences that exceed expectations.

Icon: UX Design & Development
UX Design & Development

Conversion rate optimization on Shopify is a holistic process. We collaborate closely with your team to maximize your storefront's potential. Our managed services provide ongoing monthly design and development support, encompassing CRO improvements, bug fixes, updates, new feature integration, and crafting engaging email content.

CRO - Alastin


Galderma's skincare brand, ALASTIN, partnered with Avex to elevate customer engagement through personalized experiences. Our strategic approach included the implementation of product recommendations, which notably accounted for 13.7% of the total revenue in the past 30 days.

Noteworthy is the 3% increase in revenue observed within the Dynamic Yield experience group in contrast to users with no exposure to Dynamic Yield experiences. This comparative insight is based on a thorough examination conducted within our global control test group, differentiating users who exclusively engaged with Dynamic Yield experiences from those who had no such exposure.

CRO - Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood

Avex took on the task of reimagining Brandon Blackwood's Shopify Plus storefront, transforming it into a central hub for elevated design and an effortlessly navigable catalog. Our commitment to meeting consumer expectations was fortified by an adhesive digital style guide, adherence to UX principles, and the cultivation of a cohesive brand narrative.

In collaboration, we embarked on a journey to craft a more personalized and engaging experience for users through the strategic implementation of Dynamic Yield experiences. The results emphasize the power of tailored strategies in driving tangible business outcomes, with a 4% increase in revenue observed within the Dynamic Yield experience group compared to users who had not encountered any Dynamic Yield experiences.

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CRO - Vitality


Embracing insights-driven personalization in collaboration with Dynamic Yield, we revamped Vitality's cross-device experience, elevating relevance and significantly boosting conversion rates.

A pivotal element in our strategy involved seamlessly integrating a recommendation tool that leverages historical buying patterns and user interactions to inspire new purchases. Our ongoing implementation of AB testing added a new dimension of value, enabling us to differentiate between new and returning customers, resulting in a remarkable 20% increase in purchases and an 11% AOV boost for engaged brand users.

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It's been incredible to see green across the board. Having a Shopify agency like Avex on our side, ensuring we increase conversions and average order value (AOV) while having the data to support it, has provided us with an incredible opportunity to grow revenue and scale our business.
Jon Bausman - Director of Marketing
Wolf & Shepherd
Our main objectives were conversions, site speed and mobile UX. The team executed these priorities and were enjoyable to work with all-around. I would highly recommend their team to any brand looking to improve their Shopify Plus eCommerce website!
Hope Schneider - Co-Founder

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