Cast Jewelry

Creative Direction & Shopify Plus Development for Cast Jewelry

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  • E-commerce Discovery
  • Creative Direction
  • Site Architecture
  • Custom UX/UI Design
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • System Integrations
  • Klaviyo Email Marketing

Renowned for its thoughtfully designed creative collection, the Cast Jewelry brand and its products represent the epitome of creativity, high quality, and craftsmanship. As the brand was launching its DTC channel, the team recognized the need for a digital flagship that would not only enhance its luxury standing but also connect with jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. To achieve this goal, our team was engaged to collaborate in designing and engineering an exceptional e-commerce experience that truly embodied the brand's artisanal spirit.

SaaS Integrations
  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • Elevar
  • Gorgias
  • Signifyd

Understanding the significance of this endeavor, we embarked on a journey to create a digital platform on Shopify Plus that seamlessly translated the essence of Cast Jewelry's thoughtfully designed collections into an online space. Working hand in hand with Cast Jewelry, we co-created an exceptional e-commerce destination that exquisitely mirrors the refined atmosphere of showrooms, embodies their brand values, and thoughtfully integrates compelling content and products, providing customers with a captivating and intuitive shopping experience, underpinned by cutting-edge technology solutions.

Creative Direction & Planning

Prior to designing and building the Shopify Plus storefront, our team of designers engaged with stakeholders at Cast to provide creative direction for the e-commerce experience. Avex advised on the overall approach for content, customer experience and design direction, utilizing the brand’s vibrant colors and patterns for inspiration.

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Scalable E-Commerce Presence

Since Cast’s commercial calendar involves an ongoing introduction of designer drops and collections, we started our project off by carrying out an intensive technical discovery from which we learned more about the brand’s aspirations for its e-commerce platform. Driven by the need for a scalable and customized digital platform, we embraced Shopify Plus as the optimal choice. We then proceeded to build a custom Shopify Plus theme and leverage the platform’s cloud-based architecture to seamlessly accommodate Cast’s integration needs and internationalization efforts while providing the necessary scalability for front-end customization and design.

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Intuitive Experience Design

Throughout our engagement to create a digital platform that seamlessly translated the essence of Cast Jewelry's brand experience into an online space, we anchored our approach in the brand’s discovery and storytelling pillars. Our UX/UI design team adopted a customer-centric mindset to design a digital storefront that mirrors the fluidity of an in-person showroom experience - empowering customers to effortlessly move between open discovery and a singular focus through seamless navigation, editorial features, and exploration-sparking categorization.

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Inspiration-Based Shopping

To boost the discovery experience and accentuate the brand’s capsule collections and collaborations, we set off to build an e-commerce storefront that transcends mere transactions. Throughout our development process, we sparked inspiration-based shopping by strategically incorporating various product touchpoints to captivate site visitors, including capsule collections highlights, hero products, shop the look, curated for you, editorial blog, #allintheshines user-generated content block, and inventory check across physical locations.

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Streamlined Operation Support

Enabling the brand to seamlessly integrate its content strategy with its e-commerce operations was a key focus for our project with Cast. Our team consulted on and integrated with leading e-commerce SaaS solutions to ensure the storefront is built on foundations of performance, security, and scalability. We partnered with Gorgias for streamlining customer services, Signifyd for revenue protection, abuse prevention and payment compliance as well as Elevar for tracking and attributing conversions.

Humanized Shopping Journey

One key differentiator in the Cast e-commerce experience we engineered is the enablement of “Clienteling at scale”. We blurred the line between physical and online shopping by humanizing the experience through the introduction of personal online shopping sessions, celebrity picks, ”as seen on” highlights, as well as size, gift, and product care guides. We also set up the brand’s Klaviyo account to complement the user journey with timely and personalized email send.

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