Cay Skin

eCommerce User-Experience Design for Winnie Harlow’s Skincare Brand, Cay Skin.

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  • UX/UI Design
  • Email Marketing
  • Creative Direction
  • eCommerce Consulting

Winnie Harlow, a highly sought-after supermodel, influencer, and advocate for inclusive beauty, launched her suncare brand, Cay Skin, featuring products that shield, nourish, and brighten all skin tones, types, and conditions. The “no-compromise” DNA of the brand is bare-faced in its product line; revolving around daily suncare with no heaviness, no pore-clogging ingredients, and no white cast.

Cay Skin enlisted Avex to reflect the no-compromise ethos on their Shopify storefront for the brand launch; portraying world-class UX/UI practices.

Saas Integrations
  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • Figma

Cay Skin's unique approach in the skincare industry allowed the team at Avex to create a website that truly stood out. We established a recognizable position in a saturated market by leveraging the brand’s distinctive personality, extraordinary products and expert voice behind it.

To bring our refined strategy to life, we designed the UX/UI experience in a way that merges creativity and utility. This combination enabled us to create brand-immersive experiences that captivate consumers. Then, we implemented the brand's creative direction across various platforms, including email marketing and eCommerce.

A Bright Identity System

Inspired by Cay Skin's mission to empower, we developed a graphic style featuring vivid and inclusive illustrations, dynamic distortions, sun-inspired color schemes, and an ownable approach to photography, all aimed at capturing the brand's essence.

Each identity element was strategically pronounced on the website to elevate the positioning of Suncare among the brand’s target audience base.


A Scalable Creative Direction

To support the new Cay Skin brand, we created a flexible toolkit and visual assets that allow the brand’s team to develop marketing collateral with ease. Our comprehensive brand and motion guidelines feature a range of filled and outlined icons as well as templates equipped with preset styles and graphics, empowering the team to maintain consistency while seamlessly executing campaigns throughout the system.


Edgy Experience Design

Because Cay Skin was emerging in a competitive market, it was vital for Cay Skin to provide a user experience that mirrored the performance and brand edge tie-in highlighted in the products.

The Cay Skin experience was more than just a product site - it served as a brand pivot, research tool, and shopping utility. To meet various use cases, we developed a customized experience strategy and ensured that the brand's strong positioning was consistently reflected throughout the conversion funnel.


Engagement-prompting Site Architecture

As Cay Skin was just launching, it was crucial that the brand's Shopify storefront functioned not only as an awareness-inducing hub but also as an engagement and education center. Our UX/UI strategist worked closely with our eCommerce consultants to guide Cay Skin's customers through a seamless online shopping experience that sparks conversions.

From coherent navigation and categorization to bundles, FAQs, customer reviews and collection pages, the goal was for customers to be in the know about the Cay Way and how the products fit into their everyday routine.


Conversion-driving Email Marketing

To further hype the brand launch and support Cay Skin in driving traffic to their eCommerce storefront, our retention marketing team worked on Klaviyo flows for the brand to shine like a ray of sunshine in their audience’s inboxes.

By leveraging Klaviyo, we designed and built sophisticated email flows for every touchpoint, including welcome series and cart abandonment emails - organically moving customers through the sales funnel.



At Avex, our approach involves more than just defining a set of brand values and beliefs - we strive to create standout moments that embody these core tenets. Our methodology is geared towards differentiation and enabling brands to keep pace with cultural trends. We work closely with our clients to develop everything from brand positioning, look and feel, as well as activation and guidelines.

Our relationship with Cay Skin is no different. Through a collaborative and iterative co-creation process, we've developed strategies to simultaneously address both long-term opportunities and immediate needs.


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