PSD Underwear

Maximising E-Commerce Potential with Shopify Plus UX/UI Design and Email Marketing for PSD Underwear

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  • UX/CRO/Functionality Audit
  • Ecommerce Discovery
  • Creative Direction
  • Email Marketing

PSD Underwear, a remarkable brand under the La Jolla Group, has gained widespread acclaim for its innovative designs and premium materials, capturing the hearts of athletes and individuals from all walks of life.

Embodying the spirit of "Wear Your Life," their captivating slogan, PSD Underwear goes beyond considering underwear as a mere functional item. Instead, they believe it is a profound reflection of one's personal identity. With an unwavering commitment to the brand’s distinct personality and strong values, the team recognized the need for both simplification and revitalization across their Shopify Plus storefront and email marketing.

Tech Integrations
  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • Figma

Following an intensive creative exploration phase, the team at Avex collaborated with PSD Underwear to meticulously align our strategy with the brand's vision and customer-centric approach. From refining creative identity and redesigning Shopify Plus templates to optimizing digital and email marketing experiences, we crafted a comprehensive customer journey that embodies the brand philosophy.

By keeping simplicity at the core of the user experience, we were able to deliver a website that not only presented a visually appealing design but also provided rich content and beautiful micro-interactions that inspired users to browse and make purchases. The combination of compelling brand narratives, seamless product presentations, and user-friendly features resulted in increased engagement, longer browsing sessions, and ultimately, higher conversion rates.

Revitalized Visual Language

Digital served as the primary link between the PSD Underwear brand and its consumers, making the eCommerce experience the cornerstone of our efforts to shape the brand identity framework. By embracing exploration and continuous iteration, we crafted a system firmly grounded in a raw aesthetic, authentic personality, and transparent viewpoints.

PSD Underwear is a brand with bold, unique, and loud voice so we carefully redesigned how that voice is expressed through typography, powerful photography spotlights, and minimalist elegance.


Culture-Driven Commerce

In our quest to define the perfect eCommerce strategy, we centered our focus on the user experience. Drawing inspiration from cultural insights and user behavior, we carefully constructed a site framework that brings the brand to its audience in a truly experiential and unexpected manner.

Throughout the entire user journey, brand storytelling and captivating product presentation work harmoniously, seamlessly blending the worlds of culture, community, and commerce. Guided by the principles of simplicity, we infused the site with rich content and mesmerizing micro-interactions including ”How Others Are Wearing It”, “Complete the Look” and “Features” – sparking curiosity and igniting the desire to explore and make meaningful purchases.


Contextual Product Presentation

Given the brand's extensive product catalog, our UX/UI strategy was centered around crafting an immersive and convenient experience that encourages exploration through intuitive navigation. Our goal was to create a seamless journey for users, blending convenience and utility while providing a contextual narrative around product collections and featured sections.

Our approach also aimed to inspire and motivate users through the integration of original creative content. We strategically incorporated engaging elements, such as videos, collection callouts, and branded imagery, seamlessly throughout the product listing pages and product description pages in order to equip users with the information they need to make confident and well-informed choices.


Mobile-Optimized UX/UI

Enhancing the mobile experience was a central objective of this project. The client approached us with significant concerns regarding problematic mobile checkout, mini-cart, and navigation, which greatly hindered their ability to convert site visitors successfully.

To tackle these challenges head-on, our team of UX/UI designers and eCommerce strategists embraced a mobile-first approach. We recognized the need to create a seamless and intuitive mobile interface that maximizes user satisfaction and drives conversion rates. Through careful strategizing, we designs and developed a modular design system that empowered the brand to have complete control over content presentation while ensuring consistency and engagement across various devices.

Klaviyo Email Marketing

PSD, recognizing the power of automated communication, partnered with Avex to elevate its email marketing efforts. With Avex handling the complete setup and implementation of Klaviyo, the stage was set for remarkable results.

Drawing on their expertise, Avex's retention marketing team designed and implemented automated flow and transactional campaigns for PSD. These carefully crafted email sequences are poised to drive conversions, enhance customer retention, and boost overall customer lifetime value.