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Bringing Starforge’s Launch Vision to Life on Shopify Plus

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The Challenge

A brand whose mission is to “create the best gaming PCs in the entire universe” needs a reflective digital experience of the best standards, at the very least. Starforge Systems approached Avex with a launch vision that has an abundance of ambitiousness forged in the stars. Our role was to translate Starforge’s vision into a reality by designing and developing an online store that reflects its identity and resonates well with its community of gamers and creators.

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The Approach

Fueled by the idea of moving in alignment with the industry’s fast-moving pace, Starforge actualized the need to join forces with a like-minded agency that is capable of bringing their new storefront to life in record time without having to compromise the quality of the output. In response, Avex had to quickly prototype, iterate and collaborate in a strong partnership with Starforge to engineer an online experience that extends beyond being a simple accumulation of methodological practices and optimizations. Avex’s team of strategists, project managers, developers and designers built a Shopify Plus Storefront that converts through inspiration, brand vision, and value.

Mission-driven Digital Storefront

To build out a high-performant, beautiful storefront, Avex team of UX experts and eCommerce web developers set out to build Starforge’s Shopify Plus Store on the foundation of the brand's very own approach to PC manufacturing - “Assembled by hand, designed to last and tested to the extreme.”

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Imaginative Design

Given the catalog of Starforge’s gaming offerings, Avex designers knew they had to approach the project with an imaginative sense. Our design deliberately fused elements of imagination and leading technology to reflect the avant-garde nature of Starforge’s gaming PCs and position them at the intersection of unmatched performance and unparalleled aesthetics.

Through a carefully-chosen color palette, minimalistic silhouettes, representational photography, and futuristic typography, it is safe to say that Starforge’s visual language is highly reminiscent of video games.

Ahead of the Learning Curve

Ahead of the Learning Curve

While our initial project plan and timelines were centered around launching a minimum viable product, our team at Avex went above and beyond to expeditiously launch the full scope of Starforge's new Shopify Plus storefront by the MVP launch date. Additionally, and in parallel to the development of the initial scope, our team adopted an agile approach to gathering requirements, scoping, designing, and implementing Starfoge’s queue system - mixing both scrum and waterfall methodologies to deliver a fully fleshed eCommerce store in record time.

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Best-in-class Tech Integration:

To deliver on its long-term vision, Starforge’s Shopify Plus Store needed to have the best-in-class tech integrations. That technically translated into having to identify and integrate various tools and platforms which allow the client’s team to simplify their internal operations and extend scalable friction-free user journeys. Our team also ensured that the buyer journey featured multiple upselling opportunities that were further complemented by the integration of Rebuy Upsells at checkout.

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The Art of the Drop

On the shiny surface, product drops are elusive and magical but it is the behind-the-scenes elements that can make or break this commercial strategy. Through the implementation of a technically-foolproof queue system, Starforge hypes its newest releases and gives queuers the opportunity to purchase limited-stock releases via a uniquely generated link. The result is unparalleled anticipation among Starfoge’s most ardent fans.

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Out of the realization that immersion is an essential element in setting the foundation for a digital experience that matches our client’s vision, more so when it is a new brand, Avex held numerous, ongoing workshops with Starforge’s team. Our frequent communication allowed both teams to successfully synchronize their approaches, set S.M.A.R.T goals, and establish clear expectations for this partnership.

Consequently, Avex delivered on their promise not only to successfully launch Starforge as a shining star in the digital space but also to build a long-term relationship with the clients who pointedly said “I had a pleasure working with all members of the Avex team Starforge’s initial site build! Should we need ANY work outside our internal team - Avex will be my first call.”

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