Revitalizing UNITE Hair's Pro B2B Storefront and Expanding the BackBar Rewards System

  • Solutions Support
  • B2B Ecommerce
  • Email Marketing Support
  • Custom Sage Integration Support
The Background

Founded in 2003, UNITE Hair was built on the fundamental principle that great hair begins with exceptional products. The brand is firmly committed to ensuring that its community doesn't have to compromise between clean, high-quality formulas and outstanding performance. This dedication has driven UNITE to a prominent global position in the hair care industry, making it a brand of choice for hairstylists, celebrities, and women across the globe.

In the spirit of a long partnership with Avex, UNITE sought our team’s expertise to revitalize their Professional website, upholding a unified and harmonious design with their other consumer-facing storefront. Concurrently, we collaborated to expand and improve their Backbar Rewards Program.

Tech Integrations
  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • Sage
  • Hutility
The Approach

Over the years, our partnership with UNITE Hair has been marked by a continuous process of working closely together, emphasizing active co-creation for meaningful results. Our focus has consistently encompassed addressing immediate challenges while also exploring scalable growth opportunities.

This commitment extended to our recent projects, including the Pro Site Discovery and Backbar Reward Program Expansion. In these endeavours, we partnered closely with UNITE to formulate an all-encompassing experience strategy centered on three key objectives: augmenting product discovery, elevating product and brand comprehension, and enriching the overall customer journey.


Tailored Email and SMS Marketing

Recognizing that a successful rewards program doesn't operate in isolation, we turned to Klaviyo as a platform of choice to tailor a program that seamlessly integrates Email and SMS marketing strategies. This encompassed the establishment of new properties for fine-tuned triggering, along with personalized content, dynamically adjusting to customers' current progress and rewards. Furthermore, we introduced automated flows with scheduled dispatches on specific dates each month, minimizing the necessity for manual intervention.


The Moving Pieces

To ensure the smooth execution and coordination of our rewards program, we orchestrated an integration between Sage and Hutility, UNITE Hair's trusted third-party partner. This integration facilitated the accurate updating of customer information in both Helium and Klaviyo. Additionally, we enhanced and extended the functionalities of Klaviyo's workflows to further streamline the rewards process.


The Relationship

Our partnership with Unite Hair was dedicated to laying the foundation for the long-term success of the brand. Together, we embarked on a collaborative journey to not only discover but also leverage scalable avenues for brand expansion. Our central strategy revolved around fostering strong and enduring relationships with their diverse customer base, which included both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business engagements.

Our ultimate goal was to transition from a transaction-centric approach to one that prioritized the nurturing of brand loyalty. This meant going beyond merely selling products; it entailed creating an immersive brand experience where customers and partners would not only make occasional purchases but actively choose Unite Hair as their trusted, go-to brand for all their haircare needs.