Wolf & Shepherd

Made for work. Game for anything. Wolf & Shepherd tasks Avex with content strategy & Shopify Plus E-commerce.

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  • Brand Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • E-commerce Development
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Wolf & Shepherd shoes are created using soft Italian leathers and running shoe technology, manufactured and developed here in the United States. Although the brand has seen tremendous growth over the years, their e-commerce experience was in need of a complete refresh.

Wolf & Shepherd came to Avex with three primary goals: increase conversions, decrease page load time, and craft a commerce experience that lives up to the quality of the brand’s standards.

  • Shopify Plus
  • Klaviyo
  • HotJar
  • Smile.io
  • Affirm

Our team of content strategists, designers, developers, and Shopify Plus specialists worked closely with the brand to reimagine the customer and e-commerce experience. Our process began with a deep dive into the brand and their content efforts to craft a revised content strategy for the new website.

After an audit of their existing website and analytics, Avex designed a completely new user-experience and built the custom Shopify Plus store. Page speed was very important to the brand, so we took additional steps to decrease load-time and performance.

Desktop and mobile versions of Shop Page

The Results

Avex provided support during Black Friday & Cyber Monday, helping Wolf & Shepherd set record sales and conversion increases.

  • +55%

    Increase in conversions

  • +214%

    Increase in sales


Page load speed on desktop and mobile devices.

PDPs That Convert

The product pages are very minimalistic, giving users exactly what they need to make their buying decisions easier, such as Fit, Style Suggestions, Product Suggestions, and Financing Options.

Desktop view of Striker Chukka dress shoes PDP and Mobile view of Bannister Derby dress shoes PDP
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Seamless user-interface elements that allow for product exploration on both desktop and mobile.

The Wolf Pack

Avex created custom landing pages and content types for the brand to showcase community-focused content, such as collaborations, ambassadors, and charity efforts.

Tablet view of Steve Nash's product picks
Mobile views of Community Pages

Increasing Average Order Value

The mini-cart was designed to help the brand increase AOV and provide the customer with product suggestions.

More Than Just Commerce

Content-rich pages include embedded video, imagery, and storytelling, allowing customers to engage with the brand on a deeper level.

Desktop and Mobile views of The Den community pages.

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