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Display Custom Post Type WordPress

For some reason I always have trouble trying to display a custom post type in wordpress. I’m always searching Google, looking back on old projects and never saving the code for future use. Well, I got tired of that. It’s really easy, and I don’t know why I’ve never saved the code. So I figured I would share this simple way to add a custom post type wordpress.


Style Each Post Differently WordPress

I have been working on a Wordpress project that called for a few pretty custom requests. We needed to style the first two posts differently. We also needed to display multiple loops. One for the main blog feed and another feed in the sidebar based on a category.

Net Magazine Tutorial
net magazine

Net Magazine Tutorial

Recently I was asked to write a Net Magazine Tutorial on developing for Tumblr. This was an awesome opportunity and a great experience. I’ve been reading Net Magazine Tutorials for years and to be able to share some knowledge with the community is a great honor. The tutorial is about working with Tumblr to develop […]

How To Create a Sticky Nav Bar with CSS

How To Create a Sticky Nav Bar with CSS

A sticky navbar, or a fixed navigation bar on your website can help users get around much quicker. This can drastically enhance the user-experience, especially for websites that have a lot of scrolling.


Horizontal Scrolling Tumblr Theme

Client Request: Create a custom horizontal scrolling tumblr theme Our client, Campfire, hired us to create a horizontal scrolling tumblr theme for the new Cinemax TV show “Banshee.” The tumblr page would house various clips from the show as GIFs. Users can then collect and share GIFs, starting a viral buzz about Banshee. Working with […]

Animate With Adobe Edge

Animate With Adobe Edge

Animating with HTML5 and CSS3 can be a great way to add some movement and interaction to your website or web application. It can also be very difficult. Adobe recently released a new application called Edge, which allows us to use a graphic user interface to create animations and export html, css and js files. […]


Best Web Design Tutorials 2012

1. Team Treehouse Team Treehouse is a great tutorial website that helps all designers and developers. From beginner to expert. There are tons of tutorials on web design, development, coding, iOS development and more. 2. Smashing Magazine This is one blog that should be in every web designer’s bookmarks. Tons of tutorials, articles, and resources. […]


Using the async attribute

The async tag is a boolean attribute, which means that its presence alone in the browser indicates true, or “Yes, use this damn feature!” It tells the browser to execute (in this case) script.min.js as soon as it is available. Scripts that are loaded using async are executed as soon as they are downloaded, rather than in the order of their appearance in the HTML.

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